Tham khảo từ vựng

Session 2 - News Review

periods of time – usually at night - during which people stay in a place to show support for something

to honour
to praise someone in public

public acts which show respect to someone

to come together in a group

a gathering
a group of people / an informal occasion

causing strong emotions / feelings of sadness or sympathy

Session 3 - Lingohack

on high alert
prepared for a likely bad event

walking or playing in shallow water

a group of things which are similar

Session 5 - The White Elephant

to be in someone else's shoes
to experience something from someone else's point of view

from where I'm standing
from my point of view; my opinion

I hear you
I can hear what you're saying

spare me a thought
think about me as well

I see where you're coming from
I understand your situation

take pity on him
feel sorry for him