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Today's Headlines:

Hawking backs interstellar travel project

Russia celebrates cosmonaut anniversary

Baby wallaby becomes an internet star

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Leading scientists, including Professor Stephen Hawking, are giving their support to an ambitious project to send a spacecraft to another solar system. The ship would need to travel trillions of miles – much further than any before – and the plan is to develop a craft about the size of a microchip that could travel at exceptional speed.

Russia's been celebrating 55 years since Yuri Gagarin became the world's first spaceman. It was an historic moment and a triumph for the Soviet space programme at the height of the Cold War. Today astronauts are constantly in orbit on the International Space Station. Some of them did a live link-up with earth to mark the anniversary.

Take a look at how a baby wallaby is winning hearts across the internet. Here he is, popping his head out of his mother's pouch for the first time. The joey, from just south of Sydney, was born the size of a jellybean and spent six months inside his mother, Lily's, pouch. He has another three months until he emerges fully and becomes more independent.

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End of Session 3

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Session Vocabulary

  • ambitious
    (here) difficult to achieve

    extreme; greater than normal

    great achievement

    the height of
    a time when a situation is most active

    winning hearts
    getting the affection of people