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Today's Headlines:

Denmark's drug-taking rooms for addicts

Dementia rates higher near busy roads, says study

Meet the baby red pandas at a US zoo

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This is Copenhagen's seedy red light district – a well-known area to buy drugs. It's home to one of the city's so-called 'fix rooms'… a place where addicts can legally take class A drugs safely under supervision and without the fear of prosecution. This place opened three years ago funded by the city with public money. There's always a nurse here to supervise the users. But the fix room is clearly not a treatment facility to get addicts off drugs and many people will come in and out of the fix room and go back to their difficult and sometimes dangerous lifestyles.

A study of 2 million Canadians found around 10% of dementia cases in urban areas could be linked to exposure to heavy traffic. The researchers found that living within 50 metres of a major road increased the risk of dementia by 7 to 11%. At 100 metres the increased risk was 4%. This research doesn't prove that heavy traffic causes dementia. It makes a fascinating link that requires further investigation. For now, the best advice to reduce your dementia risk is to exercise and eat healthily.

Red panda cubs Harriet and Hazel see the snow for the first time at their Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden home. They keep nice and warm thanks to their bushy tails and have plenty of energy to frolic around. Awwww….

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Session Vocabulary

  • seedy
    dirty, connected with illegal or morally wrong activity

    urban areas
    towns, cities or suburbs

    young animals (bears, foxes, lions)