Tham khảo từ vựng

Session 2 - News Review

set to
ready to / likely to

to become
is going to become

follow in someone's footsteps
to do something (normally a job) which someone has done before you

take the reins
to take control of something

Session 3 - Lingohack

needs quick action

(here) place where an incident happened

bad health caused by a poor diet

(adjective) named informally by many people

Session 4 - Oliver Twist: 7 uses of 'light'

light (B1)
make something start to burn

light (B1)

shed light on (C2)
give new information to help explain a situation

light (A1)
pale in colour

out like a light (C1)
sleeping deeply

in the light of (C1)
because of certain facts

brings to light (C2)
reveals something previously unknown


A1 = Beginner
A2 = Elementary
B1 = Lower Intermediate
B2 = Higher Intermediate
C1 = Towards Advanced
C2 = Advanced


Session 5 - Tim's pronunciation workshop

Linking /r/
Words that end with an /ɔː/ sound are often pronounced with an /r/ sound at the end, which links to the next word if that word begins with a vowel sound. Some examples of phrases where this might happen include:

  • Can somebody call for an ambulance?
  • I haven't read War and Peace.
  • You've got something in your eye.