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Today's Headlines:

Two billion 'at risk of Zika in Africa and Asia'

First face transplant patient dies in France

Rare white whale filmed in Australia

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More than 2.5 billion people around the world live in areas that may be vulnerable to outbreaks of Zika, according to a new study into the spread of the virus. Scientists say that countries in Africa and Asia are most at risk.

Doctors in France have revealed that the woman who had the world's first face transplant has died. Isabelle Dinoire passed away earlier this year from complications related to the surgery. The immunosuppressant drug she took to reduce the chances of tissue being rejected seemed to have made her more vulnerable to cancer.

Just before we go: this is rare, in fact an extremely rare whale. This drone footage showing the endangered southern right whale which was spotted off the western coast of Australia. Only 5% are born white. I'll leave you with those pictures. See you soon.

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Use one of the words or phrases from this Lingohack to complete each sentence. 

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  • outbreaks
    sudden occurrences of disease or war

    passed away

    noticed after looking carefully