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A large fire at Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris has been brought under control.

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News Review

Notre-Dame fire under control

Firefighters in Paris have brought a massive fire at Notre-Dame cathedral under control. Dan and Catherine bring you the language from the latest news headlines around this story.

Language challenge

Fill the gap: The building was _____ by fire.

a) gutted
b) ransacked
c) overhauled

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The story

Senior fire officers in Paris say the blaze that's devastated Notre-Dame is now under control. The spire and roof of the medieval cathedral, one of the world's great religious landmarks, have been gutted. But the main structure, including the two towers, has been saved. A fireman has been badly injured.

Key words and phrases

damages badly

• War ravages every nation that takes part in it.
• People looking to avoid the ravages of time spend a fortune on make-up.

burns with smoke but without flames

• Be careful after a fire. Buildings look safe, but they often smoulder for a long time.
• It was love at first sight after she gave him a smouldering look across the room.

so valuable that it cannot be priced

• Thieves managed to enter the museum but no priceless artwork was stolen.
• This is the last photo we ever took together. It's priceless to me.

To do

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Language challenge answer

a) gutted


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