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Thousands of people are travelling overland to the US-Mexico border. Catherine and Tom discuss the language from this story.

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News Review

Trump says 'no' to migrants

Thousands of people are travelling overland towards the United States. The Mexican president-elect has asked for them to be protected; US President Trump says they will be not be allowed to cross the border. 

Language challenge

The government are meeting to discuss...

a) migrant
b) migration
c) immigrant

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The story

The Mexican president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador has urged the authorities in southern Mexico to protect the thousands of migrants making their way towards the United States.

He was speaking in the southern state of Chiapas, where the migrant caravan has reached the city of Tapachula. President Trump has said migrants will be turned away if they reach the US border.

Key words and phrases

a large group of people travelling together
• There is a caravan of people moving towards the border.
• The group is travelling in caravan for safety.

makes a strong or serious promise
• The Prime Minister vows to reduce taxes over the next four years.
• I made a vow that I would stop eating meat. Now I'm a vegetarian!

uncontrollable excitement; extreme emotional reaction
• There was hysteria when the pop star took to the stage.
• When Neil fell over, we laughed hysterically.

To do

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Language challenge - answer

b) migration


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