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European countries are preparing for a heatwave. Catherine and Dan teach you the language the world's media is using to discuss this story.

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News Review

European heatwave

Temperatures across Europe are expected to rise dramatically over the next few days, say experts.

Language challenge

'A long period of little or no rainfall, causing a water shortage' is a...

a) draught
b) drought
c) drowt

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The story

Europe is expecting near-record temperatures with special measures being put in place to prevent loss of life. In France, large parts of the country have been put on the second-highest weather alert. Paris and northern France are expected to be worst affected because of high humidity.

Key words and phrases

statement about the future based on knowledge and information

• The weather forecast says today will be bright and dry! Let's go to the beach!
• The economic forecast predicts a sharp drop in employment.


relative darkness caused by something blocking light from the Sun
• It was so hot I needed to find some shade to sit under or I would have burnt.
• I just love this painting. There are so many different shades of red!


relax and enjoy the Sun's light and warmth
• My cat loves to bask on our roof. She lies there in the Sun for hours!
• The pop star basked in the admiration of her fans.

To do

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Language challenge answer

b) drought


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