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Episode 3: Batten down the hatches! How will the crew weather the storm? Plus, find out what you've learnt from unit 3 in our weekly quiz.

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How much of this unit can you remember?

Hello and welcome to the final activity of Unit 3. We hope you enjoyed it! Now it's time to see how much you learned with this quiz. And don’t forget to visit us on Facebook to let us know how you did! 

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15 questions about Unit 3

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End of Unit 3

Congratulations – you’ve reached the end of Unit 3. Join us in Unit 4 where Emma is going to be talking about her commute to work and we'll be looking at adverbs of frequency like sometimes, rarely and often. See you then!


Session Vocabulary

  • menacing - scary, threatening 

    depression - (in weather) an area where the air pressure is low, bringing cold and wet weather

    gale force - strong and damaging (wind)

    waterproof - does not allow water in; is not damaged by water

    shelter - to find or stay in place where a person or thing is protected from bad weather