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'Like' for preference and description

Do you like cats? What are cats like? In this session, we explore different ways of using the word like, with the help of some cute cats.

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Introduction: Do you like cats?

Welcome to Unit 3. We're going to look at the word like and give you some vocabulary tips to help you when describing things.

First, let's join Alice.

How many times does she use the word like?

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Hello again.  

In this unit, we're going to look at the word like. And we're going to meet a lot of… cats!

What's this cat like?

It's small, grey and soft!

Do you like cats? Let's meet a few more.


Did you hear how many times Alice used the word like?

It was three times.


Hear about some cool cats called Chip, Martina and Rosie! And then you'll do an activity to see how much you know about the different meanings of like.

Phần Ngữ pháp

  • Like (as verb)

    We use like as a verb in this way: subject + like + object
    I like your earrings.


    Like (as preposition)

    We use like as a preposition in this set phrase:

    what + to be + noun/noun phrase + like?
    What’s your English teacher like?