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Have you ever said to yourself 'Things aren't what they used to be'? In this session we hear from three people talking about how things have changed in their lives. You'll also have a chance to test and improve your vocabulary knowledge as we look at some of the words and phrases that are coming up in Unit 29.

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Things aren't what they used to be

It used to be so different

The pace of modern life means that how we do things now is very different to what we did in the past. From travel to education, technology and family life, so much has changed! In this session we're going to hear three people talk about how things used to be and how they are now. Then you'll have a chance to look at some useful vocabulary that's coming up in Unit 29.

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You're going to hear three people, who we'll call X, Y and Z, talking to an interviewer. Each person is talking about something in the present that was different in the past – what is it?

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Speaker X
I used to know all the street names in London.

Really? Did you use to carry a London map with you, just in case?

Speaker X
No! A map? Never. When I picked up a passenger, I used to ask them where they were going, and we'd be off! I wouldn't carry a map,


Speaker X

OK. So what about now. It's different now, isn't it?

Speaker X
Yeah it is different. You know my memory's not so good since the accident. So, even though I hate it, I do use satnav.

Speaker Y
When I was younger, I would go for a long walk every morning.

Oh really? Where would you go?

Speaker Y
Oh anywhere and everywhere… I used to love rambling! And I also used to recognise all the trees on my way to school: birch, aspen, sycamore… though my memory's not so good now. And young people today don't know any of the names – they're all just 'trees'.

Speaker Z
Ooh yes, I loved my classic car… Whenever it had a problem I would always repair it myself.

Oh right.

Yeah. Replacing brakes, new gearbox, changing the upholstery. I used to be a very good amateur mechanic actually – and my friends on the street would ask me to fix theirs too!

Really? You must've been really popular on the street.

Speaker Z
I was, yes.

But wouldn't that be a lot of work for you?

Speaker Z
No, I enjoyed it.

Really? So tell us, what happened to your classic car?

Speaker Z
Well actually, unfortunately, I crashed it in the end. It was a complete write-off.

Oh no.

Speaker Z
I cycle everywhere now.


Did you work it out?

  • X is a taxi driver. He's talking about using maps and satnav
  • Y is talking about remembering the names of trees
  • Z is a car enthusiast. She's talking about repairing classic cars

To do

Try this quiz to see how much you understood about our three speakers. Can you get all the questions right?

X, Y or Z?

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How well did you understand the audio? Answer these questions

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Now that you've heard from speakers X, Y and Z talking about driving, nature and cars, we're going to move on. In the next activity you'll take a closer look at some of the words they used, and learn some other vocabulary that you will see later in this unit. Click below and go!

Session Vocabulary

  • picked up
    collected (a person)

    be off
    (here) leave

    satellite navigation; a system used in cars and vehicles that tell you where you are

    (here) going for long walks outside

    a tree with grey leaves and pointed leaves

    a tree with grey or white wood and round leaves

    a tree whose leaves have five points

    things in vehicles which make them go slower

    a metal box containing gears (devices which change the speed of a vehicle)

    soft material which covers chairs

    completely destroyed