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Everybody remembers the feeling of being new - either the first day at school or university, or starting a new job. In this session, we're going to watch Amith's first day at work with BBC Learning English. He's quite nervous, and some things don't go according to plan! You'll hear some useful language for politely asking for information.

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Amith's first day

What do you have to do on your first day in a new job?

Do you remember your first day at school or work? What was it like? What kind of things did you have to find out?

We're going to start Unit 21 with a documentary. It's about Amith's first day at work with the BBC Learning English team. But first, let's think about what Amith needs to find out. Take a look at these pictures from Amith's first moments at the BBC and guess what he's having trouble with.

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To do

Now you've had a look at the pictures of Amith and his BBC colleagues, try this sentence-making activity. Check your guesses about Amith's day and test your word order skills.

Amith's day at work

4 Questions

Rearrange the words to make sentences about the four pictures of Amith. Check your guesses about his day with each sentence. Each sentence goes with one of the pictures you saw earlier (numbered 1 - 4).

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So, we know what Amith's first day problems are... but how does he deal with them? In the next activity, we follow him around the Learning English offices with a camera to find out!