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Find out what Emma and other Londoners like to wear and learn some useful vocabulary to talk about clothes and fashion.

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Emma's got a problem...

Smart or scruffy?

Welcome to Unit 2! This unit is all about fashion and clothes. We'll introduce you to different people from the world of fashion - from everyday Londoners to top designers.

You'll pick up some very useful vocabulary for talking about clothes and fashion, and we'll take a good look at the present simple and present continuous tenses.

Later on in the unit you'll get a chance to do some listening and reading practice with our video and magazine articles, and this unit's News Report is all about the business end of the fashion industry.

So - let's get started. Emma's got a problem with her clothes. Watch the video see what's wrong. While you're watching, listen out for the words and phrases that Emma uses to talk about her clothes.

Watch the video and try the activity

Hiển thị văn bản ghi âm (hay video) Giấu văn bản ghi âm (hay video)


Hi again. I'm Emma.

I had a real problem today deciding what to wear.

I wanted to wear something smart for work but I'm going out with my friends tonight so I wanted to wear something casual as well.

I usually wear a skirt, a shirt and a scarf but today, I chose jeans and a jumper. Hmm... but then I thought I look too scruffy, so I'm wearing this dress instead.

What do you think?

To do

Can you remember what Emma said about her clothes? Let's find out. If you need help, click on the 'hint' button, or watch the video again, or read the transcript.

What did Emma say?

6 Questions

What did Emma say about her clothes? Complete her sentences.

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So now we know what Emma likes to wear - but what about people in London? In the next activity, Londoners Stuart, Charlotte and Ed tell us about their clothes.  

Session Vocabulary

  • smart
    nice and stylish

    informal and comfortable

    warm piece of clothing that you pull over your head and that covers your upper body and arms

    not neat or clean

    modern, popular and fashionable

    smart jacket and trousers or skirt made from the same material