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Be a journalist

Language in Action: Practise question forms by preparing to interview Keith Wallace, a BBC travel journalist. You'll write some questions for an interview with him and then you'll hear his answers.

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Writing interview questions

A dream job!

Keith Wallace is a BBC journalist who works on The Travel Show. He visits lots of interesting places all over the world. For some people it probably sounds like Keith has got 'a dream job'.

Keith Wallace, BBC Journalist

To do

Prepare to interview a BBC travel journalist.

In this activity you will make some questions to ask Keith about his life and work. If you need help with the grammar of questions, have a look at the grammar reference area.

Compete the activity

Rearrange the words to make questions.

8 Questions

You're going to write some questions for the BBC travel journalist, Keith Wallace, to answer.

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You now have eight questions for Keith. What do you think he will say? Is his job a dream job? Let’s find out.

Phần Ngữ pháp

  • In English, there are two basic types of question.

    1. Yes/no questions often begin with the verb to be, but can also begin with other auxiliary verbs, such as do.

    We ask these when we want a yes or no answer.

    2. Wh-questions start with a question word, such as who, what, where, when, why or how.

    We ask this type of question when we want different kinds of information. These questions cannot be answered with a yes or no.