Bài 2: Go The Distance: Academic reading

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    Student Life 2

    25 Jan 2018

    Welcome to Go The Distance – our new course all about distance learning. This is the next in our video series 'Student Life'. In each episode, we'll meet a genuine distance learner and see them at work, rest and play. Each student talks about a particular aspect of distance learning. Let's meet the next student – Juliet– and find out how she manages her academic reading!

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    Academic Insights 2

    01 Feb 2018

    It's time for the next video in our Academic Insights series. The topic this time is something we all want – success! Tutor David Hann shares tips and advice to make sure you succeed on your distance learning course.

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    Study Skills 2

    08 Feb 2018

    Welcome back to our Study and Exam Skills area! In this short animation, we're bringing you a range of practical tips to help you with academic reading.

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    Academic Writing 2

    15 Feb 2018

    Welcome back to our Academic Writing course – bringing you the essential knowledge and skills you need to be an effective writer in your study life. This time we're looking at a crucial feature of academic writing: the paragraph!

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    Digital Literacy 2

    22 Feb 2018

    Sian guides us through another key area relating to Digital Literacy – and it's a big issue in the online world – safety and security.