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How to use 'worth'

Worth usually follows the verb be and is followed by an ING clause. It's commonly used in sentences starting with it.

  • It's worth repairing the car.
  • It's worth studying hard at school.

In some cases we can move the object to the front of the sentence and remove the it.

  • The car is worth repairing.

We can also follow worth with a noun phrase – especially when talking about how much something costs or is worth.

  • This house is worth a fortune.
  • He's worth £25 an hour and no more.

Worth can be followed by other expressions too, such as a lot, a great deal etc.

  • My sister is worth a great deal to me.
  • Is it worth everything you own?

Worth appears in many idiomatic phrases:

  • It's worth its weight in gold.
  • It's not worth the paper it's printed on.
  • For what it's worth,I still think about you every day
  • It's more trouble than it's worth