News Report

Intermediate level

Who will lead world football?

Episode 150720 / 20 Jul 2015

Step 1: Listen

You're going to hear a genuine BBC news report. Before you listen, read these three summaries.

a) Fifa has held an election to choose its new leader

b) The Fifa president Sepp Blatter has announced his resignation

c) Fifa will decide a date for the election of their new leader

Now listen and decide which one is correct. Listen again if you need to.

Step 2: Learn the key words and listen again

How was that? Try listening again. Here are three definitions of key vocabulary which may help you.

governing body
the group of people who control an organisation

leadership election
a vote to decide who will be the head of an organisation

step down
leave an important position in an organisation

Step 3: Transcript and answer

Still not sure? This time you can read the transcript. The answer's underneath.

The head of world football's governing body Fifa has held talks with senior officials ahead of a planned meeting on Monday, at which a date is expected to be set for a leadership election.

Sepp Blatter announced last month that he would step down weeks after the dramatic arrests in Zurich in early May of senior members of the organisation.


The correct answer is: c) Fifa will decide a date for the election of their new leader.

This bulletin comes from BBC World Service Radio

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