Unit 13: Towards Advanced
Grammar, news, vocabulary and pronunciation

  • ተፈጸመ

    Session 1

    1 Activity

    BBC Masterclass

    26 Sep 2016

    As we know, native speakers sometimes use non-standard English and even make mistakes. Find out about some more typical native-speaker 'mistakes' in this Masterclass with Dan

  • ተፈጸመ

    Session 2

    1 Activity

    News Review

    27 Sep 2016

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have taken part in the first of several US presidential TV debates. Join Neil and Rob to discover the language the world's media is using to talk about this story.

  • ተፈጸመ

    Session 3

    1 Activity


    28 Sep 2016

    Get up-to-date with the latest news and understand it too with Lingohack. Listen to and watch authentic BBC World News bulletins and learn key words and phrases to help you make sense of the news.

  • ተፈጸመ

    Session 4

    2 Activities

    Vocabulary: 11 uses of 'set'

    29 Sep 2016

    Sit back and enjoy the story of Far from the Madding Crowd and learn 11 different ways to use the word 'set'

  • ተፈጸመ

    Session 5

    1 Activity

    Tim's Pronunciation Workshop

    30 Sep 2016

    How do fluent speakers pronounce 'was' in natural speech? Tim explains...