Session 24

It's 100 years to the day that women in the UK got the vote. Rob and Dan teach you the language the world's media is using to discuss this story.

ክፍለ-ስራሓት ናይዚ ምዕራፍ

ድምር ነጥቢ ናይዚ ክፍለ-ስራሓት 24

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

News Review

100 year anniversary for women's rights

It is 100 years today that The Representation of the People Act was passed. This gave women in the UK the right to vote - provided they were over 30 and owned property.

Language challenge

The Representation of the People Act was introduced in 1918 following pressure from the ‘Suffragette’ movement, which campaigned for the right for women in the UK to vote. The suffix ‘-ette’ comes from French. But what does it mean?

a) small version of X
b) female version of X
c) similar to X
d) all of the above

ነቲ ቪድዮ ብምዕዛብ ነቲ ስራሕ ዕመምዎ




Did you like that? Why not try these?  

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The story

Today marks 100 years since The Representation of the People Act was passed, giving women the right to vote.

The change in law affected women over the age of 30 who met certain property qualifications, but full electoral equality didn’t follow for another decade.


officially forgiven for committing a crime

exaggerated depiction of someone

made less offensive or unpleasant

To do

Try our quiz to see how well you've learned today's language.

News Review quiz

3 Questions

Now you've watched the video, try to answer these questions about the language in the news

ኣገናዕ፡ ፈተናኹም ዛዚምኩም
Excellent! Great job! ሕማቕ ዕድል! ዘመዝገብኩምዎ ነጥቢ ...:
x / y


You can download the audio and PDF document for this episode here. 

Language challenge - answer

d) all of the above


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