Session 4

What are your most precious possessions? In the last Session, we heard about two world-famous musicians who moved to the UK and composed some of their greatest music in London. At the museums which honour their life and work, fans can see some of these musical legends’ favourite objects. Now you can hear from us at BBC Learning English, talking about the things that are dear to us. Then we want to hear from you!

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Activity 2

Something about you...

What do you treasure?

In Activity 1, we heard from Rob, Grace, and Mike about different items that are important to them for different reasons: Rob told us about a technological gadget that he uses for all sorts of activities every day; Grace shared with us a souvenir which reminds her of a trip abroad; and Mike told us about a small but important gift that he received from a former student.

What about you? What items do you own that are important to you?

ነቲ ጽሑፍ ኣንብብዎ

To do

Think of a personal possession that is important to you. It might be a gift from someone close to you, or a memento of a special event, something you bought yourself, or something else altogether!

Take a photo of it and write a few sentences about it. You should try to write about:

  • What the item is (What is it called? Can you describe it?)
  • Where and when you got it (Did you buy it? Did someone give it to you? Where does it come from?)
  • What you use it for (Do you use it every day? Do you use it for a special activity? Or do you just use it for decoration?)
  • Why it is important to you (Does it show something important about you? Does it remind you of a person, place or a special time?)

Thank you for emailing your comments to us. We enjoyed reading them. This task is now closed.

Here are a few of the comments that we received.

Your Feedback

Ivana, Italy

My favourite possession is a book which I studied at University to become a psychologist.

I bought it in a little book shop in Turin and I was very excited when I had the book into my hands.

Studying that book would have changed my life. And in fact my life changed because, just by reading that book, I realized my love for psychology, which is now my job.

Whenever I see that old green book in my bookshelf I think about the happiness that I felt when I was reading its pages and I was discovering how our brain works.

Manuel Ángel, Madrid

These are my favourite objects

Two of them are books

The first one is an encyclopedia used in the american teaching system, once you have left the primary school. I bought it, second hand from Amazon.

The second one is a book too, The Nerw International Webster´s Dictonary. I bought it in Portugal with my current wife and my portuguese cousin.

I like reading very much and I´m very interested in the whole world. Now I´m reading 'The Historian'

The third one is my telephone. Mine is really a Samsung Note II what I´ve used to do the snap. I bought it in Madrid while I was making my last job before getting retired for the spanish administration because of my illness 'Multiple Sclerosis'

Taras, Ukraine

One of my personal possessions is a computer. It’s very important for me because through it I can log on the internet, learn English, find new friends etc. I got it from my parents as a present. Now it is already a little older but I think to refresh in future or buy new more modern. This computer will always remind me about my parents therefore it is such special.


My most dear item is my racing bike. It's black and white. I bought it, second hand from a friend of mine. I've done so many kilometres with it and i've also seen many landscapes. It's important to me because, when i'm very stressed, i take it and i go for a tour. It keeps me in form and it's very healthy.

Lan Zhuoyun, China

Dear BBC Learning English,

I think my favourite possession is my 2nd hand digital dictionary.

I bought it when I started the second year of my college from internet. It can translate ,English Japanese or Chinese, one of them to each others. It's very useful and convenient.

I think I would never throw it away, and so many years when I look at it which reminds me the experiences of my life .

Antonio, Brazil

They are very important to me, because they allow me communicate better. Before I start using them, I felt apart in conversation, because I could not hear what people were saying.

I've been using them for about eight years. Those ones in the photo were purchased by my health plan two years ago. They donated them to me.


My personal possession that is more important to me than others is an exercise bicycle. The first one I bought nineteen years ago and it wasn't as modern as the second. It's black and grey. It helps me a lot not to put on weight for I like eating very much. I do exercise every other day for forty minutes. During this time I always listen to the motivation music or a book on my telephone. It's a thing which makes I feel relaxed.

Angelika, Germany

Something that is very useful and therefore very valuable to me is my electronic dictionary for practicing and using the English language every day.

It is a small box, made of plastic, including a small screen and a small keyboard, approximately in shape and size like a Smartphone which you carry everywhere in your pocket.

You don’t need access to the internet which isn’t available every time or everywhere around the world.

It is not my most treasured possession but nevertheless one of my most valuable ones. I bought this gadget, which contains the Oxford-English-Dictionary via internet. That was more comfortable and cheaper than in a shop down town where the price wasn't really convenient to me. But in the city where a number of shops are competing for customers you would find very competent shop assistants who are ready to explain the products that they are selling. So it depends on your personality as well as priorities to decide where you should do your shopping nowadays.

Lu, Brazil

My Smartphone is valuable to me. I can use as a mini computer, as camera, and to listen to my music in English and also to study English from BBC.


Coming up it's News Report, and we move away from treasured possessions to consider something quite different: virtual tourism! How much do you know about this? Listen to the programme to find out more.