Session 34

Divorce parties
Afeerra/dhangaa hiika gaahila

In today’s episode we will be discussing people celebrating their divorce with a party
Sagantaa har’aa keessatti waa’ee namoonni cida qopheessuun sirna hiika isaanii ayyaneeffatan mar’ianna.

ክፍለ-ስራሓት ናይዚ ምዕራፍ

ድምር ነጥቢ ናይዚ ክፍለ-ስራሓት 34

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Divorce parties

Look at the Session Vocabulary – make sure you know what these words and phrases mean:

  • hurt
  • draw a line under
  • closure
  • move on


According to the UK’s Office of National Statistics, what is the most common age for people getting divorced?

a) 30-34
b) 35-39
c) 40-44

Listen to the discussion and find out the answer.

Listen to the audio and take the quiz.

ነቲ ቅዳሕ ጽሑፍ ኣርእይዎ ነቲ ቅዳሕ ጽሑፍ ሕብእዎ

Yooyyaa! Gara English Together kan mata duree tibbanaa irratti mari’annuufi qooqa ittiin dubbachuun si barbaachisu siif qoodnutti baga nagaan dhufte. Ani Caaliidha. Akkasumas Saamiifi Fiil nagaa si gaafatu.

Hi, I'm Phil.

And I'm Sam, hello…. 

Sagantaan har'aa waa'ee wal-hiikuuti ykn wal-gadhiisuuti. Egaa gaafii wal-hiikuutiin haajalqabnu.

Waajjirri Istaatstiiksii Biyyoolessaa UK akka eerutti, namoonni gaahila hiikan, giddugaleessatti umriinsanii hagam ta'a?

a)    30-34
b)    35-39
c)    40-44

Fiil maal yaaddaa?

I think it takes time for people to want to get divorced – I'll go for c) 40-44.

Maybe people realise they made a mistake more quickly, so it could be a) 30-34 I don't really know.

Tole, ittuma fufii caqasi, deebiisaa gara boodaarran sii kennaa. Utuma itti yaadaa jirtu, odeessa waa'ee afeerraa namoota gaahila hiikanii, kan Outlook, BBC World Service irra fudhatame haacaqasnu. Kiristiin Galageer waa'ee hiriyaashii tokko, kan abbaa warraashii waliin yeroo walhiikan waancaa adamoo badhafameefi kan inni caalchisee jaal’atu ofii fudhatee dubbatti.

And we had an outdoor party for her with a big bonfire and we ended up burning this guy's hunting trophy on the fire, which for her was kind of an exorcism of the marriage and the sadness that had fallen upon her life. So as a result of that, I really started thinking this is great, we were able to take her from a state of devastation to sort of drawing a line and being over it.

Egaa waa'ee afeerraa namoota gaahila hiikanii maal yaadda?

I like the idea – like Christine said in the clip, it sounds like a really good way to draw a line under everything.

'Draw a line under' jechuun waan mariif hindhihaannefi xumurri itti godhame… sun wayita walitti dhufeenyi goolabamu yeroo mara waanta godhamuun irra jiruudha.

I can sort of see that drawing a line's important… but isn't this a bit of strange idea for a party. Isn't there a danger that it could trigger a lot of bad feelings, bringing up all the memories of why someone wanted to get divorced?

'Trigger' jechuun 'kan kakaasu' yeroo heddu miira ykn yaadannoo gadhee ta'an wajjin kan fayyadamnuudha.

Surely a party about a relationship that's ended, and probably for a bad reason, is going to trigger a lot of bad feelings and hurt.

I'm not so sure, you know… Closure is really important after something like a divorce.

'Closure' jechuun 'xumuruu ykn cufuu' – do you think that's the most important thing to recover from a traumatic event?

Does a party really give you closure, isn't it a bit too much of a celebration?

I think it does give you closure, it marks the end of something and allows you to move on.

'Move on' jechuun 'jireenya itti fufuu'. Taatee jireenyaa guddaa kan ta'e kan akka  wal-hiikuu  booda jireenya itti fufuun baay'ee barbaachisaadha.

I always thought that time was better for moving on from something, not spending lots of money on a party.

It means you can focus on it – you can focus on all the things around a divorce, or any other life event and try and find the positives… even something like divorce can have positive sides, you know.

Tole, egaa isin lamaanuu waan kanarratti waliigaluufi dhiisuu keessan hinbeeku. Kanaafuu deebii gaafiin duraan si gaafadhee haa’ilaallu… umriin giddugaleessaa namoota walhiikanii hammam akka ta’e hubachuu barbaanne turre… Egaa deebiinsaa…c) 40-44 dha.

So you were right, again.

You sound surprised.

You see a bit too happy, maybe we should draw a line under this.

Gaariidha. Yeroon keenya dhumeera. Kanaafu, jechoota har’a barachaa turre haa ilaallu – 'draw a line under' jechuun waan mariif hindhihaannefi xumurri itti godhame; 'trigger', jechuun 'kan kakaasu'; 'closure' jechuun 'xumuruu ykn cufuu'; akkasumas 'move on' jechuun 'jireenya itti fufuu' dha.

Turtii waliin qabaanneef galatoomi; barnoota dabalataa English Together n torban ittaanu walitti deebina. Bye.

Meaning & Use

draw a line under something (phrase)

If you draw a line under something, it means that you decide it is finished and you stop thinking about it. It's similar to the phrase make a fresh start.
I've apologised for eating your last cake – let's just draw a line under this and forget about it!
Celebrating her divorce really helped her draw a line under that sad time in her life.

trigger (verb)

If something triggers a feeling, it causes a strong emotional response, like feeling afraid, worrying about something or remembering something bad that happened in the past.

Having a divorce party might trigger bad memories.
I get triggered by loud noises – they just annoy me so much!

The verb trigger can also be used to mean 'causes something to start'.

Prawns always trigger my stomach aches.
Exposure to sunlight can trigger the skin to produce vitamin D.

closure (noun)

Closure is the feeling of bringing an unpleasant situation or experience to an end. You can then start new activities without thinking about any bad things that you may have experienced. We often use this word with the verbs find and get.

She got a real sense of closure from burning her husband's hunting trophy.
Getting closure is important after we have experienced something very upsetting.
I'm really trying to find some closure after my girlfriend left me.

move on (phrasal verb)

When we are talking about emotions and feelings, moving on means that you accept that a situation has changed and you get ready to deal with new activities and experiences. We use this phrase with the preposition from to say what situation we have accepted.

It really helped her daughter move on and stop thinking about her divorce.
Stop being so negative – you really need to move on and forget about it.
I'm trying to move on from my break-up with my husband.

Check what you’ve learned by selecting the correct answer for the question.
Gaafichaaf deebii sirrii ta’e filuun waan hanga ammaatti baratte mirkaneeffadhu.

Divorce parties

4 Questions

Choose the correct answer.
Deebii sirrii ta’e fili.

ኣገናዕ፡ ፈተናኹም ዛዚምኩም
Excellent! Great job! ሕማቕ ዕድል! ዘመዝገብኩምዎ ነጥቢ ...:
x / y

Over to you!

Do you ever have divorce parties in your country? How do you draw a line under a bad experience and move on? Tell us in our Facebook group.

Join us for our next episode of English Together when we will learn more useful language and practise your listening skills.
Engilish Together kan qooqa barbaachisoo keessatti barattuufi dandeettii waa caqasuukee itti shaakaltu, sagantaa keenya ittaanuun walitti haadeebinu.

Session Vocabulary

  • bonfire
    Ibidda bashannanaaf alatti qabsiifamu

    bring up



    draw a line under
    waan mariif hindhihaannefi xumurri itti godhame

    kan kakaasu

    xumuruu ykn cufuu

    move on
    itti fufuu