Session 5

Listen to episode 8 of our drama, The Race. How do lobsters leave Phil sailing the yacht on his own? Then have a go at the Unit 8 Weekly Quiz. How many can you get right?

ఈ పాఠ్యాంశం లోని సెషన్స్

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The Race: Episode 8 - Phil's audio diary

Phil and Passepartout are reunited with Sophia and the adventure continues towards Papua New Guinea. But there are further troubles ahead involving a credit card and a lobster! You can hear a summary of what happens here.

If you don't want to know what happens, listen to the whole of episode 8 first on the next page.

ఆడియోను వినండి

రాత ప్రతిని చూపు రాత ప్రతిని చూపవద్దు

Dear Diary,

We made it to Papua New Guinea. We had to buy some food and water for our journey but we didn't have any money. We had to sell some of our things to pay for our supplies.

We set sail across the Pacific Ocean. And I cooked a special lobster dinner but it made Passepartout and Sophia very sick. I had to sail the yacht by myself. I was trying to find somewhere to land but there was a storm and I nearly hit the rocks. I really want to go home!


You can download the audio and transcript from our Unit 8 downloads page.


Listen to the whole of episode 8 of The Race.

సెషన్ లోని వ్యాకరణం

  • Articles: a reminder

    Use the for specfic things, and when everybody knows which thing(s) we are talking about.

    Use an instead of a when the next word begins with a vowel, or silent 'h', or 'u' when it isn't pronounced 'y' /j/.

    We can't use a or an with plural nouns.

    Use the in many expressions with ‘of’.

    Use zero article to talk about things in general and the names of most cities.

Session Vocabulary

  • slap-up
    large and very good meal

    tucking into
    starting to eat food with great enthusiasm

    serving up
    bringing food to a table and/or putting food onto plates for people to eat

    sweet food that people eat after a main meal

    food poisoning
    an illness affecting your stomach, caused by old or badly cooked food