Session 1

Enjoying the world's natural beauty

Do you to travel to new places? Do you enjoy nature? Would you also like to help people? Then this unit is for you! Find out about ecotourism – travelling to beautiful natural places without damaging the environment.

ఈ పాఠ్యాంశం లోని సెషన్స్

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Activity 1

Ecotourism - how much do you know?

Earth's natural beauty

How much do you already know about the environment, travel and other related issues? Do the quiz to find out!


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Read the questions and choose the best answer. Look at the vocabulary box to find the meaning of new words in the quiz.

Ecotourism quiz

5 Questions

How much do you know about ecotourism? Do the quiz to find out!

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How did you do? There were a lot of facts about ecotourism - and quite a lot of related vocabulary. In the next activity, we'll see if you can use the vocabulary.

Session Vocabulary

  • preservation
    the act of keeping something in good condition

    keep something in good condition

    a group of related animals or plants

    thick, tropical forest with a lot of rain

    the act of cutting down all the trees in a forest

    use things more than once

    use something old and unwanted for a new purpose

    substances that make land, water or air dirty and not safe to use

    things that people have thrown away and are lying on the ground in a public place

    (here) offer to work to help others for no pay

    all the features of land you see when you look across it

    polar regions
    cold areas around the North and South Poles

    large area of ice that moves slowly downhill

    large area of wild land that people have not developed

    large dry area of land that has very little rain. Many deserts are very hot and covered in sand

    tropical forest

    great plain
    large area of flat grassland

    amazing; spectacular