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Vocabulary: 11 uses of 'look'

Sit back and enjoy the story of Pride and Prejudice - and learn 11 different uses of the word 'look'. 

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Actividad 2

Will Elizabeth and William finally get together?

Elizabeth and realises how stupid she has been...
Does this mean they will finally get together? How do you think the story will end?

A) William proposes to Elizabeth but she turns him down
B) Elizabeth realises that she loves William, but it's too late - he has moved on
C) Elizabeth and William get married and live happily ever after
D) Something else 

To do

Watch the video and find out which option is correct. And listen out for three more phrases with look.

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Hi again. I'm Lizzie. It's time to continue the story of unspoken love, romance and missed opportunities between a young, beautiful girl called Elizabeth, and a handsome young man, called William.

Some time later, on another trip with her aunt and uncle, she bumps into William again. He is very polite and charming this time, and he doesn't appear to look down on her. She now realises she has feelings for him - but doubts he is interested in her. How wrong she is!

But a little later things start to look up. A rumour spreads that Elizabeth and William are to be engaged. This causes William's aunt to visit Elizabeth to order her not to marry him, because she's not good enough for him! Elizabeth refuses to promise not to marry William.

The aunt tells William about Elizabeth's stubbornness. Although the engagement rumour isn't true, it makes William realise that Elizabeth might still marry him so he proposes once again – and Elizabeth, delighted by the proposal, happily accepts. They have a wonderful wedding and look forward to a happy life together.

Ahh, how I do love a happy ending! So that's my story for today. I hope you've enjoyed it, and I'll see you again next time. See you soon!

To do

So, the correct answer was C) Elizabeth and William get married and live happily ever after - finally!

Now lets practise the different uses of look. Have a go at this quiz.

What's the use of 'look'?

6 Questions

Choose the best expression with look to fill each gap.

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Over to you

We asked you to tell us a story using as many of the phrases with look as possible:

  • look for
  • has the looks 
  • the look of 
  • look on
  • look like 
  • look to 
  • look as if 
  • look over 
  • look down on 
  • look up 
  • look forward to 

Your stories:

Alain Jouve

Mr Stone is a man who has the looks.
In the past,  Mr Stone has been looking for a treasure for ten years in a small island in the south Pacific ocean . He never found it and his friends laughed at him. Last year, he received a very mysterious letter which looked like a papyrus. Mr Stone looked over it and understood the text explained where the treasure hid. He looked to navigate to this island with his own ship. He looked forward for the travel and the discovery of the treasure. Now, he is rich and can look down on his friends.

BBC Learning English says:
Thanks for your great story Alain! Remember to use 'to' not 'for' in the phrase look forward to.


Juan Carlos, Colombia

Hello everybody, the story that I wrote it's a real story about me, its title is "a sad story".

Five year ago, I had a date with a girl friend that I had, his name was Marisol, she had the look of a young women, his hair was long and black and had a deep look too. My first impression about her was that She had the look of an executive women by the black dress that She wore.

In few days I started to come out with her more frecuently and one day when We were looking for a restaurant I kissed her, suddenly she started to cry and told me that she was a married woman. I didn't believe her the things that She told me because She looked like that she didn't have any compromise. This event was very hard for me because I liked her.

One day I got a letter from her and I looked over it, In that letter She wrote me that She had separate of her husband three months ago and She wanted to see me again. I was looking forward to see her but I never did it.

Since that day I never knew more about her.

BBC Learning English says:
Thanks for sending us this sad story Juan. Remember to use the verb in the 'ing' form after look forward to. For example, I was looking forward to seeing her.


C. de Lacroix-Herpin, France

The visit.

At the moment Mary and Jane are basking in bliss. Indeed, this young and lovely couple is looking forward to the birth of their first child. Mary has now been pregnant for more than four months. To start from scratch, leading a quiet life enlightened by the perspective of this fortunate coming, Mary and Jane are currently looking to find a little flat in the downtown of New York. A cosy environment where their baby could grow up.

After several months during which they both have been constantly looking for an affordable offer, they finally find a place to visit. Mary decides to discover the apartment alone and then call Jane to show her, if the offer is interesting. So she goes to the address and immediately meets the estate agent. He is a tall man, very neat, dressed with an expensive haute couture suit. He has the looks. His professional smile - the upper lip slightly raised, revealing the false whiteness of his veneers - gives him the look of someone competent, confident and decent. The visit is going well and the little apartment looks as if it is the perfect place. Completely charmed by this picturesque frame, Mary decides to call Jane and tells her to come straightaway.

Afterwards, Mary and the estate agent sit down at a desk. The man switches on the table lamp and gives her the contract making a forced smile, with the light reflecting on his dentition. She looks over it very carefully and all of a sudden, Jane enters the room. She greets the man and comes near her wife to kiss her. Abruptly, the features of the estate agent darken and the smile that he had earlier turns into the appealing expression of hatred. Now he looks on them, with contempt.

While the two women are carefully reading the contract in its entirety, the man can’t take his eyes off Jane. He stares at her beautiful kinky hair with a deep sensation of aversion. Seeing that Mary is ready to draw her pen, he violently tears the contract from her hands, pretending that he just received an offer from another person way more interested and that the contract is sadly not available for them anymore.

Realizing that there is no need to discuss with a person who looks down on them this way, the two ladies decide to leave, bitterly disappointed by this appointment. It looks like they are in a desperate situation, but fortunately, few weeks later, things start to look up for the young couple. It is now the time for them to furnish the new apartment that they bought, dreaming of their future son.



Last week we saw the Little Red Ridding Hood, a story which I looked over as a child, when I was always looking forward to having a good reading, and even now I look on it as one of my favourite fairytales.

When you are a child it looks as if those stories could be true: the wolf looking for a shortcut to arrive first, looking to eat her up, having the look of her Grandma, and so on... All these far-fetched stories thrilled me, until for the sake of the tale and the little readers someone who had the looks appeared to look things up.


Alejandro, Spain

This story is about the adventure of a famous explorer, whose name is Alexander Jonez. His main aim is to find the secrets of the mysterious ruins of Mexico, so he will look for the Golden Book, which is thought that this book might contain the answers to the origins of the universe.

Alexander is a man, who is keen on taking risks and has the looks. In other words, he looks like he's the best at what he does.  However, this brave adventurer needs a companion to help him out in this dangerous adventure. Consequently, he decides to invite his best friend, Stewart, to come with him. Stewart has the look of someone reliable, brave and kind, and he doesn’t look down on anyone.

Once they get to the ruins, they get involved with deadly traps that can kill any trespassers. Despite this, they managed to get the book, and they looked over the Golden Book carefully, but it looked as if it was written in an ancient language that they didn’t understand.

They are looking forward to finding out what this book is about, so they give the Golden Book to a group of researchers to decipher to decipher it, but it would take them long to find it out.

In the end, they looked to write a book about their exciting adventures from the point of view of adventurers. Things started to look up as they were successful adventurers.


Thanh Tan

Donald Bush comes from an upper class family, has the looks and is one of famous USD billionaire in the USA. He is gentle but looks down on others’ ideas at times. He is looking forward to staging a grand opening ceremony to his new automobile factory in China next month. Now he is looking for a new CEO for this new startup whose skills must cover at least 4 foreign languages, good I.T know-how, helicopter control, complete with Kung fu. Scores of candidates have failed the post because they can not control a helicopter. Dr. Donald Bush however thinks that things are going to look up when he cuts back on the requirements. Thus, he is looking to see lots of new candidates for the post. Then a new candidate comes finally. The man called Bush Donald can speak five languages, including English, German, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese. With the look of a Kung fu master, he looks as if he has filled the bill but unfortunately he can’t drive a helicopter. While Donald Bush looks over the applicant’s CV, the man tastes a hot glass of tea. It looks like Donald Bush is pleased with the CV and gives the man a good chance while the man himself looks on the application as a joke, thinking that the salary is so low. Then the man silently gets out of the room, saying nothing to Donald Bush who does not know what is going on and on?



When I was young, I used to work in a bank. One day, I was looking for some documents in my drawer. There were a lot of them and I quickly looked over one by one. But, nothing to find them!

It was friday and I was looking to go home earlier. Suddenly, I heard a unknown voice: What are you doing? I got up very quickly. In front of me it was a very beatiful redheaded girl. My new coworker. It was your first day job. She looked like a princess and I felt something different. However she looked down me and I guessed she didn't felt the same.

In that moment, it didn't matter for me. I thought, when she know me better, everything looks up. For several weeks I looked forward to date her, but it didn't happen.

I don't know why, but sometimes I remember this history and try to understand it.

Things of destiny!


Mario, Italy

After looking for a job for some time, I have recently found a good one as a used car salesman. At the beginning I sold very few cars, but now things are starting to look up. Although I don’t have the looks andneither the look of a trusted person, I am quite persuasive when it comes to selling a used car. I am always looking to get people to buy a clunker, making it look as if they are making a bargain. In my job I meet all sorts of people, but the most important thing is to avoid looking down on clients. You always have to make them look like very clever and experienced people. Obviously, before they buzz off in their new used car, they have to look over our contract and sign it. I look on this job as a very interesting one. Now I have to go, my last client has just returned and seems to be fuming with rage. I look forward to seeing you all at our store soon.


Angelika, Germany

More than a decade ago my son was looking for a good woman to life with him. At first he searched at the internet to meet someone suitable. But the young lady he chose looked down on him. Her behavior was model like and she had the looks of someone very important. The look of her was too attractive! He wasn’t keen to meet her again looking on someone like her with contempt.

Later on a college of him was looking like being interested in him. She was also a single. Her age and appearance were appropriate. One day they dated and felt in love. After this happening the relationship looked up. Finally they were looking to their marriage.

Nowadays it looks as if the marriage works well. Recently the young couple has sent us a letter. We looked over the content of their writing and read that they are looking forward to seeing us as soon as possible together with their children.


Yana, Ukraine

Mary was looking for a job.

She was very smart and had the looks,  but she was too shy. She didn't look like a professional for employers due to her timidity and non-confidence. They looked on Mary with pity and contempt.

So she started thinking that she is not worth and she had the look of someone very unhappy. Mary's life looked as if it was a total failure. She had been looking to commit suicide. She thought that everyone, even friends, looked down on her.

But one day she occasionally looked over an advertisement and decided that it might be her last chance. And from this moment things start to look up. Mary got a good job and she married his employer, who also was so shy, so about their relationship we can write a long funny story. Now they are happy together and look forward to a baby.



That's the end of Session 4. Tim from the Learning English team is back with the latest epsisode of our new pronunciation series. Don't miss it!

Sesión de vocabulario

  • looking for (A1)
    trying to find

    has the looks (C2)
    appears intelligent and/or handsome

    the look of  (B2)
    the appearance of

    looks on (C1)
    has a particular opinion

    looks like (B1)

    looking to (C2)
    planning to

    looks as if (B2)
    appears to be

    looks over (C2)

    look down on (B2)
    believe that someone is less important than you

    look up (C1)

    look forward to (C2)
    be excited and happy about a future event