Unidad 22: Towards Advanced
Grammar, news, vocabulary and pronunciation

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    Sesión 1

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    BBC Masterclass

    28 Nov 2016

    In this Masterclass, Dan's going to show you a final 3 ways to ensure that your subject nouns and verbs always agree.

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    Sesión 2

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    News Review

    29 Nov 2016

    Three men have been rescued from Australia's most famous rock, Uluru. Find out more with Neil and Catherine as they look at how the world's media is reacting and the words you need to talk about the story.

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    30 Nov 2016

    Get up-to-date with the latest news and understand it too with Lingohack. Listen to and watch authentic BBC World News bulletins and learn key words and phrases to help you make sense of the news.

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    Vocabulary: 10 uses of 'get'

    01 Dec 2016

    Enjoy our version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - and learn 10 different ways to use the word 'get'.

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    Sesión 5

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    Tim's Pronunciation Workshop

    02 Dec 2016

    How do we pronounce 'from' in natural English?