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Today's Headlines:

The UK has a new PM

Train crash investigation in Italy

Indian state introduces 'fat tax'

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Today, a lot sooner than expected, the UK government's Home Secretary Theresa May will become the country's next prime minister. Perhaps her most pressing task: to supervise Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Emergency teams have been working through the night and into this morning at the site of a high-speed crash between two trains in Southern Italy. Visiting the scene, the country's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi promised a full investigation into how the two trains came to be on the same single track near the city of Bari. At least 27 people were killed. Some of the injured are in a critical condition.

Malnutrition is still, of course, a major problem in India, so it's perhaps surprising that many Indians are seriously overweight. In fact, obesity has become such a major concern there, one state has proposed a so-called fat tax of 14.5% on restaurants that sell fast food, to try to make people more health conscious.  

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  • pressing
    needs quick action

    (here) place where an incident happened

    bad health caused by a poor diet

    (adjective) named informally by many people