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Intensifiers are words like so, such, too and enough. Learn how to use these important words correctly in our grammar activities!

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Actividad 2

Even more intense!

I'm so going to learn this grammar!

So in Activity 1 we covered a lot of the basic uses of the intensifiers: so, such, too and enough. But, as you know, English isn't always that simple. It's time to learn some extra tips and tricks.

Intense point 1) So + noun or verb

In modern spoken English, so is increasingly being used before nouns and verbs.

  • That dress is so last year! (That dress is last year’s fashion.)
  • I’m so going to shout at him when I see him! (so = really)

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Intense point 2) So/such + that for cause and effect

So and such can be used with a that clause to express cause and effect, or reason and result.

  • She felt so upset that she started to cry.
  • They had such an awful time that they said they’d never go again.

That introduces the result. But in informal English, we sometimes leave it out.

  • It was such a bad film he left before the end.
  • There were so many restaurants they didn’t know which one to choose.

Intense point 3): too with negative

If we say a sentence with too in the negative form, then we mean it isn’t a problem. The form is not + too + adjective.

  • It’s not too late to buy tickets for the final. There are still some on sale.

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Would you like even more practice with these intensifiers? Well, you're in luck, because 6 Minute Grammar with Finn and Callum will take you through all the main points, next!

Sesión de gramática

  • so + noun or verb

    In modern spoken English, so is increasingly being used before nouns and verbs.

    That dress is so last year! (= That dress is last year’s fashion.)

    I’m so going to shout at him when I see him! (so = really)

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