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The future continuous tense can be very useful. Hear how it can be used to make excuses and there'll be a chance to test your understanding

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Excuses, excuses!

The bad date

In this unit, we've learnt that you can use the future continuous to talk about events that will be in progress at a particular time or over a period of time in the future. t's very useful for talking about plans or predictions.

And there's no better time to be making plans than when you first start dating someone! But what if your date goes wrong and you have to start making excuses?

Listen to this conversation that Jake and Tim are having in the pub about Jake's blind date. When his new girlfriend calls him, listen to the excuses he uses to make sure he doesn't have to see Anna again.

The first time you listen, try to answer these:


1. Why did Tim think his first date with Anna was a disaster?
2. Why can't Tim meet Anna after he has finished running a marathon?
3. Who is Anna going to see perform on Sunday night?

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There is your drink and some crisps.

Thank you. So come on then… your blind date last night. How did it go? Was she amazing?

Err, well actually it was a disaster. I never want to see her again.

Oh! What went wrong?

She talked about her ex-boyfriend all night and she smelt like disinfectant. (Phone rings)


Oh hold on. I'd better get this – oh no number – Yeah, I should get this…  Hello?

Hi – is that Jake?

(whispering) Oh no – it's her – it's Anna! (Speaking to Anna) Err yes, this is Jake and that must be Anna?

Yes that's right. You remembered. I really enjoyed last night. Sorry if I spoke about my ex- boyfriend a lot – he was hard to forget. But anyway, I do hope we will be able to meet up again sometime and perhaps go out for dinner?

Oh yes yes. Yes, it would be lovely to meet up again… sometime.

Great! How about tomorrow night… are you free?

(Sounding surprised) Errr… It'll be difficult… ermm… I'll be watching that big football match on TV.

(whispering) Good excuse, good excuse– well done!

Oh, that's a shame. How about on Friday night? Will you be watching football then?

Oh, well… I'll probably be working late – there's an important project I've got to finish.

I see. Will you be free after that?
It'll be the weekend then, so no work the next day!

(To Tim) What shall I say?

Tell her… tell her you'll be running a marathon the next day.

OK! good one! (To Anna) Really sorry, I'll be running a marathon on Saturday.
I'll need an early night.

Oh, you didn't mention that last night. Ah well, perhaps after your marathon you'll need a drink – we could meet at a pub somewhere?

A nice idea but… but… but…
my dad will be waiting for me at the finish line. He wants to buy me a meal to celebrate and stuff…

[Getting the hint] Oh well, and I suppose you'll be busy on Sunday night too?

Yes. I'll be washing my hair on Sunday night.

That's a shame. Oh well. I'll be thinking of you when I'm watching the Taylor Swift gig that I've got a spare tickets for.

(To Tim) She's got tickets for Taylor Swift – I love her!

Come on, give me the phone, give me the phone.  Hi, is that Anna?


Hi it's Tim here – you haven't met me, but I'll be happy to come with you to the gig on Sunday - if you'll let me?




1. Tim's first date with Anna was a disaster because she talked about her ex-boyfriend all night and she smelt like disinfectant.

2. Tim can't meet Anna after running the marathon because he says his dad will be waiting for him at the finish line. He wants to buy him a meal to celebrate.

3. Anna has tickets to see Taylor Swift performing on Sunday night.

To do

Now listen to the recording again. Try this quiz to test what you understood about Tim's false future plans. If you need extra help, you can use the transcript.  

What I'll be doing…

8 Questions

Choose the correct sentence. Make sure your choice is both grammatically and factually correct.

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End of Session 4

That's all for this session. Episode 2 of our drama, Gulliver's Travels will be waiting for you when you reach the next session. Gulliver is a prisoner on the island of tiny people, Lilliput. But they offer him his freedom if he agrees to help them in a war against their neighbours. Can he defeat Blefuscu and go free?

Sesión de gramática

    • The future continuous

      subject + 'll/will + be + present participle (-ing form)

      We'll be arriving at about the same time as each other.

      subject + won't/will not + be + present participle (-ing form)

      I won't be playing football this weekend, I've got to go to the dentist.

      Question form
      Will/Won't + subject + be + present particple (-ing form)

      Will you be doing anything special for your birthday this year?
      Won't you be taking the same train?

Sesión de vocabulario

  • dating
    having regular romantic meetings with someone

    blind date
    a romantic meeting between two people who have never met before

    a liquid containing chemicals used for cleaning things such as kitchens and toilets

    an early night
    an evening when you go to bed early