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Are your shoes more comfortable than mine? Who's got the biggest feet? In this session we take a look at comparatives and superlatives and find out what a famous golfer contributed to the language of comparison.

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These boots are made for comparing

Not everything in life is the same, thank goodness. Difference makes life interesting: it gives us choices and things to talk about.

When things are different, we can compare them. We can compare just about everything in life, from the price and size of objects to the degree of emotions such as love and happiness.

Adjectives and adverbs help us to describe things; we use comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs to compare one person or thing with another person or thing.

Today is hotter than yesterday.
I think documentaries are more interesting than the news.
I'm feeling sick. Can you drive a bit slower?
This is the best meal I've had in ages.
She said maths was the most difficult exam she had taken this year.

Before we look at comparatives and superlatives in more detail, try this quiz to remind you of the basics.

Leer el texto y completar la actividad

To do

Using the picture above as a guide, rearrange the words in each question to make a correct sentence.

Here's some vocabulary you might find useful.

Fur-lined boots - boots that have a soft fur inside to keep you warm and comfortable. In the picture there is a pair of fur-lined boots in the middle.

Lace-up shoes - shoes that have laces which you tie to keep them on. In the picture there is a pair of lace-up shoes on the right.

Now enjoy the quiz, oh and to make it more of a challenge, in each question there are three words you don't need!

Comparatives and superlatives

6 Questions

Arrange the words to make correct sentences about the picture above. In each question there are three words you do not need.

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That was fun - how did you do? Now you've refreshed your memory of the basics of comparatives and superlatives, let's look at them in a bit more detail.

Sesión de gramática

  • Making comparatives

    One syllable adjectives and adverbs add -er for comparative and -est for superlative.

    cheap - cheaper - cheapest
    great - greater - greatest
    fast - faster - fastest

    If the adjective or adverb ends in -e, then just add -r (comparative) or -st (superlative).

    nice - nicer - nicest
    safe - safer - safest
    rude - ruder - rudest

    If the adjective ends in a vowel + consonant, double the last letter before adding -er/-est unless it ends in -w.

    big - bigger - biggest
    hot - hotter - hottest
    new - newer - newest

    For adjectives/adverbs with three or more syllables, use more in the comparative and most in the superlative.

    expensive - more expensive - most expensive
    fluently - more fluently - most fluently

    For many adjectives/adverbs with two syllables the comparative and superlative can be formed either by adding -er/-est or by using more/most.

    quiet - quieter/more quiet - quietest/most quiet
    common - commoner/more common - commonest/most common

    For two syllable adjectives/adverbs that end in -y: change the y to i before adding -er/-est.

    happy - happier - happiest
    busy - busier - busiest

    early - earlier - earliest

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