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Today we will be discussing the idea that our relationships with animals can lead to positive health benefits.

ሎሚ ርክብ ምስ እንስሳታት እወንታዊ ጥዕናዊ ረብሓታት ኣለዎ ንዝብል ሓሳብ ክንርኢ ኢና።

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Pet therapy

Look at the Session Vocabulary – make sure you know what these words and phrases mean:

  • llama
  • wellbeing
  • therapy


In a recent U.S. poll by the Harris Corporation, what percentage of people identified their pet as being a member of their family?

a) 30%
b) 60%
c) 90%

Listen to the discussion and find out the answer.

Listen to find the answers. Then check them on the transcript below.

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ሰላም: እንቋዕ ናብ መደብ English Together ብድሓን መጻእኩም። ኣብዚ መደብ’ዚ ብዛዕባ እዋናዊ ኣርእስቲ ክንመያየጥ ኢና። ብእኡ ኣቢልና ድማ ብዛዕባኡ ንምዝራብ ዘኽእል ቋንቋ ከነስንቐኩም ኢና። ኣነ ተኽልማርያም በኪት’የ: ምሳናውን ቶምን ፊልን ኣለዉ።

Hi, I’m Phil! Hello, have you seen Tom? He’s supposed to be recording.               

ኣይፋለይን። በቲ ልሙድ በዚ ሰዓት’ዚ ኣብዚ ክጸንሕ ኔርዎ።

Hi guys, sorry I’m so late.

What’s that?! You’ve brought your dog into the studio?!

Well, today we’re talking about being with animals, so I thought it might help to, you know, get us in the mood a little bit.

That is right! ሎሚ ብዘዕባ ምስ እንስሳታት እንገብሮ ዝምድና ንጥዕናና ብኸመይ ከምዝጸልዎ ከነዕልል ኢና። ቅድሚ ናብኡ ምስጋርና፡ ናይ ሎሚ ሕቶና ከነቕርበልኩም። ኣብ ቀረባ እዋን ኣብ ኣመሪካ ብ the Harris Corporation ዝተገበረ መጽናዕቲ፡ ክንደይ ሚእታዊት ዝኸውን ህዝቢ፡ ንዝውንንዎም እንስሳ ከም ኣካል ናይ ስድራቤቶም ጌሮም ይርእይዎ።

ሃ) 30% ሚእታዊት

ለ) 60% ሚእታዊት

ሓ) 90% ሚእታዊት

Well, I have a pet fish, but I don’t know if I’d say it was family. I do like watching it swim, though.

ኣብ ገዛውትና ከም ከልቢ፡ ድሙ ዝኣመሰሉ እንፈተዎም እንስሳታት ንውንን። እምበኣር ናይ ሎሚ መደብና ካብ BBC Farming Today ክኸውን ኢዩ። እቲ ዝርርብ ብዛዕባ ብሪጣንየዊ ሓረስታይ ምስ ላማ (ኣብ ደቡብ ኣመሪካ ንመጽዓኛ እትዝውተር እንስሳ) ከም ሕክምና ዝዝውተር ዙረት ክኸውን’ዩ።

News insert
These camel-like creatures originate from South America, but Jacob, Bramble and Joshua live in Old Bolingbroke. They've undergone two years of training at a local community farm, so they're used to people and traffic. And now, Angie Beal from desired change says they are helping to improve the health and wellbeing of local walkers.

We deal with a lot of people who may have been in hospital; heart attacks, strokes, operations of different sorts, who want to actually now get fit again. Everybody that comes to us has the opportunity to have their own personal programme written for them. So we can walk anything from five minutes to two hours.

Incredible! It sounds like llamas can actually help us to improve our wellbeing.

Yes! Wellbeing ጥዑይ ምዃን ማለት እዩ። I see how pets can improve our wellbeing, but so can lots of things ከም ዮጋ፡ ኣስተንትኖ፡ ዝኣመስሉ’ውን ንጥዕናና ከመሓይሹ ይኽእሉ።

Yeah, but I suppose in this case the animals are providing treatment to people who already have problems.

Treatment ክንክን ማለት ኢዩ። Do you think an animal can really provide treatment in the same way as a doctor?

Well, I don’t think that all problems are treatable with animals! Although, did you know there is actually a name for using animals as a form of treatment? It’s called Animal-Assisted Therapy!

Therapy ነብስኻ ምሕዳስ ማለት ኢዩ። I still think I would prefer traditional therapy.

I imagine it’s like in the news story. People take the animals outside for walks, so it encourages them to exercise and get some fresh air.

Yeah, I think the idea is that the animals can help us get back on our feet again once the danger has passed.

You mean help us to stand up?

No, to get back on your feet means to recover! ምሕዋይ ማለት እዩ።

But, in this case, they are doing this by helping people to walk! So I suppose you’re both right.

Also, I think that people might find spending time with animals therapeutic as they don’t get lonely.

Hmm… that makes sense. Therapeutic ነብስኻ ንምሕዳስ ዝግበር ኣካላውን ስነልቦናውን ንጥፈት ማለት ኢዩ። I suppose animals are good company, and company is therapeutic. Perhaps it’s better to describe this approach as an ‘alternative therapy' ኣማራጺ ሕክምና ንነብስኻ ምሕዳስ ማለት እዩ።

Speaking of company and animals, why don't you tell us the answer to today’s quiz?

ሓቂ። ኣቀድም ኣቢልና ብዛዕባ ክንደይ ምእታዊት ዝኽወን ህዝቢ ዓለም፡ ንዝውንንዎም እንስሳ ከም ኣካል ናይ ስድራቤቶም ገሮም ይርእይዎ ኢልና ሓቲትናኩም ኔርና። እታ ቅንዕቲ መልሲ፡ ልዕሊ 95% ዝተሓተቱ ሳባት ንዝውንንዎም እንስሳ ከም ኣካል ናይ ስድራቤቶም ጌሮም ይርእይዎም።

Do you feel the same way about Molly, Tom?

Molly? Of course! She’s like my sister! I think it’s impossible to feel stressed with such a beautiful dog around! Isn't it Molly?

'Stressed’ ጭንቀት ዘሎዎ ማለት’ዩ። But everyone feels stressed out sometimes. I still don’t think we should all bring our dogs to work.

Well, she helps me to destress, she doesn’t cause any problems. She just sits there like a good girl.

ዋእ፡ ፊል ነዚ ተመክሮ ፈዋሲ ኮይኑ ዝረኸቦ ኣይመስለንን። ካብ ሎሚ ዝተማሃርናዮ ቃላት፡ llamas ላማስ (ኣብ ደቡብ ኣመሪካ ንመጽዓኛ እትዝውተር እንስሳ)፡  wellbeing ጥዑይ ምኻን፡ treatment ክንክን፡ therapy ነብስኻ ምሕዳስ፡ stress ጭንቀት ዝብሉ ኢዮም። ብተሳትፎኹም እና ኣመስገና፡ ኣብ ዝስዕብ መደብ English Together የራኽበና። See you next time.

Meaning & Use

wellbeing (noun)

Wellbeing is a noun which refers to being healthy and having a good quality of life. 
It is important that doctors consider every aspect of patients' wellbeing.
Many companies have started to think about their employees' wellbeing.

treatment (noun)

Treatment is a noun which refers to the actions that medical professionals take to address physical or mental illness.
Antibiotics are a treatment for infections.
The doctor suggested a number of different treatments.

therapeutic (adjective)

If something is therapeutic, then it is beneficial to people's health or general wellbeing.
Researchers tried to develop new drugs which have a greater therapeutic effect.
Walks in the countryside can be very therapeutic - they can help you relax.

alternative therapy (noun)

Alternative therapies are approaches to treatment, which are different to conventional medicine.
Pet therapy is an example of alternative therapy.
Many doctors do not trust alternative therapies like traditional medicine.

to get back on your feet (idiom)

If we say that someone has got back on their feet, we mean that they have recovered from something.
He was feeling ill last week, but it didn't take him long to get back on his feet.
Have a rest, you'll get back on your feet in no time.

stressed (adjective)

If someone feels stressed, they feel a lot of pressure or are very worried about something.
My job is really difficult - it's making me feel stressed.
I don't have enough money at the moment. It's making me feel very stressed.

Pet therapy

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Sesión de vocabulario

  • llama
    ኣብ ደቡብ ኣሜሪካ እትርከብ ዘቤታዊ ንመጽዓን እተገልግል እንስሳ





    alternative therapy
    ቅያር ፍወሳ

    to get back on your feet
    ሓውኻ ምምላስ

    ጭንቀት ዘለዎ