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Today's Headlines:

Obama to visit Hiroshima but no apology

Canada wildfire aftermath

NASA discovers new planets

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The White House is saying President Obama will not apologise for the American atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima when he visits later this month. It will be highly symbolic – the first time a serving American president has been to the Japanese city since it was obliterated in August 1945.

Nearly a week after a massive wildfire first took hold in the Canadian province of Alberta, officials have had their first look at the damage inflicted on the city of Fort McMurray. Thousands of homes were burnt to the ground but authorities say the damage is far less than first feared. They're now working on producing a re-entry plan within two weeks.

NASA has discovered nearly 1300 new planets outside the Solar System. The exoplanets were found with the Kepler space telescope. NASA says the discovery increases the chance of finding at least one other planet like Earth that might support life.

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  • highly symbolic     
    showing or representing something that is extremely important

    completely destroyed

    something unpleasant or harmful forced on someone or something

    planets outside the Earth's solar system