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Today's Headlines:

Hillsborough disaster: Inquest finds fans unlawfully killed

London's Big Ben to stop chiming for repairs

Gorilla surprise at Prague Zoo


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27 years after the Hillsborough football disaster, a jury has concluded that the 96 victims were unlawfully killed. The decisions follow the longest inquest in British legal history. South Yorkshire police admitted they had got the policing of the match "catastrophically wrong".

Here in London, the chimes of Big Ben are going to fall silent next year because the famous parliamentary clock tower – the Elizabeth Tower – needs essential repairs. This sound has chimed almost uninterrupted for about 150 years but it's only going to be reserved for special occasions. It's part of a project that's going to cost more than $US40m. The tower is going to be partially cladin scaffolding for about three years… the last significant repair work on Big Ben – that was more than 30 years ago.

Let's go to Prague Zoo, because visitors have had their first glimpse of this little baby gorilla. Her birth took everyone by surprise. Nobody had even noticed that her 24-year-old mum Shinda was pregnant. Shinda had already had a number of miscarriages – being a little overweight she wasn't expected to ever have a baby. The delivery went well. She and her new-born baby are said to be doing very well.

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  • catastrophically
    disastrously; dangerously

    fall silent
    stop making any sound

    metal poles and wooden planks erected outside of a building for people to stand on when they are working on the building

    brief view or look

    (here) process of giving birth