Сеанс работы 3

Welcome to Session 3. We're going to look at using must and have to in the past and future. We’ll also bring you a top tip for informal speaking.

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Read the text and try the activity

Now it's time for one last little test of all the forms of must and have to that you've learned in this unit.

Jude is still looking forward to the reunion, even though some guests can't come. She checks her phone - she's got some new messages.

To do

Read Jude's messages. Then do the activity.

Jude - really sorry... Accident on the motorway. We had to go the long way. We'll be late! Mandy xx

Hey Jude. Peter just called - car problems. We've got to pick him up.

Hi mum. On our way, need anything? Got to stop at the shops anyway to get Olly's nappies! We're getting wine - white or red? Xx Lizzie

Jude, dear - great news. We won't have to leave early after all! See you. Martha

Aunt Jude's texts

4 Questions

Read the text messages and choose the option that explains their meanings.

Excellent! Отлично! Bad luck! Вы набрали:
x / y

End of Session 3

Although not everyone can come, we hope Jude will enjoy the family reunion. And we hope you've enjoyed learning to talk about necessity in the past and the future.

In Session 4, we’re looking at diet and health. Finn went to meet a very interesting person who told him all about the kind of food he eats - and doesn't eat.

Сеанс работы над грамматикой

  • If you must do something, it is necessary for you to do it, but this is often your opinion or a rule that you have made yourself.

    If you have to do something, it is necessary for you to do it. It’s a law, an obligation or a fact.

    If you don’t have to do something, it isn’t necessary to do it, but you can if you want.

    If you mustn’t do something, it means ‘don’t do it’. It is necessary not to do it.

    We use will have to to talk about the future, and had to to talk about the past.

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