Урок 3: Go The Distance: Academic talk

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    Student Life 3

    25 Jan 2018

    Time for Student Life – the part of our 'Go The Distance' course where we hear from real distance learners talking about their study and home life. Each student talks about a particular aspect of distance learning. Let's meet the next student – Marcin – and find out how he practices academic talk!

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    Academic Insights 3

    01 Feb 2018

    Welcome back to 'Academic Insights' – part of our new 'Go The Distance' course. On these pages, we'll hear from lots of different distance learning tutors and get their top tips for successful study. This week we focus on an important area of distance learning: tutor Patrick will tell us all about speaking and listening in an academic context.

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    Study Skills 3

    08 Feb 2018

    Welcome back to the 'Study and Exam Skills' area of our 'Go The Distance' course. Each episode brings you a short, fun animation, full of advice, tips and tricks to help you become a better learner in all the key areas of your study life. This time we look at the skill of note taking.

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    Academic Writing 3

    15 Feb 2018

    It's time for Academic Writing – the course that gives you the tools you need to become an effective writer in your studies. In the area of academic writing we're looking at this time, it's super-important to get your words right; we're looking at the language of argument!

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    Digital Literacy 3

    22 Feb 2018

    This time we take a look at how learning has changed in the virtual classroom and explain how you can make the most of digital tools available online. Join Tim to upgrade your digital skills!