Session 2 - News Review

keep something away (for example: insects/water) by being unattractive or unpleasant to it

something/someone repels you
you find something/someone disgusting or unpleasant and want to stay away from it/them

prevent/discourage someone from doing something by making it difficult or unpleasant for them to do it

a pun
a funny way of using a word so that more than one meaning is suggested

steer clear of
avoid someone or something

Session 3 - Lingohack

breaking through
forcefully opening the way through (a barrier)

failed to be achieved

very large fires

before its expected time

Session 4 - Little Red Riding Hood

cut out (C1)
stop eating

to cut a long story short (C1)
to only talk about the most important or interesting details

cut (someone) short (C2)
stop (someone) from finishing what they are saying or doing

shortcut (B2)
different route or direction that saves time

cut to the chase (C2)
don't waste time, just get to the important bit

cutting down (A2)
making a tree fall to the ground by cutting it near the base

woodcutters (B2)
people whose job is to cut down trees

cut (someone/something) up (B1)
use a sharp tool to separate something into pieces

cutbacks (C2)
reductions in money available to spend

cutting remark (C1)
a cruel comment intended to upset someone