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How to use the language from the latest news stories

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Lição 76

Heavy rainfall has flooded the Australian city of Townsville and crocodiles are moving through the waters. Tom and Dan discuss the story and teach you the vocabulary you need to talk about it

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News Review

Townsville: Crocodiles seen in Australia's flooded streets

Crocodiles have been seen moving through the waters of the recently flooded Australian city of Townsville. In addition to the heavy flooding caused by unprecedented rainfall, thousands of homes have been damaged and two men have also gone missing.

Language challenge

She's not really crying. Those are ______ tears because she doesn't want to go to bed.

a) crocodile
b) giraffe
c) lion

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The story

A search is underway in the Australian city of Townsville for two men missing after unprecedented rainfall. Thousands of homes have been flooded and hundreds of people have been moved to evacuation centres. More heavy rain is forecast as further storms approach the area.

Key words and phrases

steps in
becomes involved in a situation

  • If the meeting gets too loud, the boss usually steps in to calm everyone down.
  • The protest is now so large the police have stepped in to maintain order.

sends people or things to a place for a purpose

  • The state deploys emergency aid each time there is a hurricane.
  • We are deploying extra troops to help search the area for survivors.

move or travel freely without any real purpose or direction

  • Noisy teenagers roam around the streets of my town at night. It's very distracting.
  • It was incredible to see the animals roaming freely around the safari park.

To do

Try our quiz to see how well you've learned today's language.

News Review quiz

3 Questions

Now you've watched the video, try to answer these questions about the language in the news.

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You can download the audio and PDF document for this episode.

Language challenge answer

a) crocodile


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