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Episode 3: Batten down the hatches! How will the crew weather the storm? Plus, find out what you've learnt from unit 3 in our weekly quiz.

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The Race: Episode 3 - Phil's audio diary

The challenge has begun and already Phil and his sidekick Passepartout have run into trouble. Their yacht is leaking – will they get to dry land to get it fixed before they sink?

You can hear a summary of what happens here but if you don't want to know what happens, listen to the whole of episode 3 first on the next page.

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Dear Diary, we got to the Cape Verde islands and we didn't sink. Our boat was fixed and we headed out into the Atlantic Ocean. What a big place it is!

We heard a storm warning on the radio and had to change direction towards Sao Tome. The waves were very big and we almost hit the rocks but a woman on the rocks helped us get into the harbour. Her name was Sophia; she was from the UK and she had a very sad story to tell us. 

We said we would take her home with us if she helped out on the yacht. Luckily, she's a good sailor. We ate bobofrito and drank delicious hot chocolate. Our trip is getting very exciting.


You can download The Race - audio diary from our Unit 3 downloads page. (size 2MB)



Listen to the whole of episode 3 of The Race.

Vocabulário desta lição

  • menacing - scary, threatening 

    depression - (in weather) an area where the air pressure is low, bringing cold and wet weather

    gale force - strong and damaging (wind)

    waterproof - does not allow water in; is not damaged by water

    shelter - to find or stay in place where a person or thing is protected from bad weather