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How close do you like to stand to someone when you talk to them?
ከሰዎች ጋር በሚያወሩበት ወቅት እንዴት መቆምን ይመርጣሉ?

In today’s episode we will be discussing how people in different countries think about personal space.
በዛሬው ዝግጅታችን በተለያዩ አገራት ያሉ ሕዝቦች ስለግል ስፍራዎች ምን እንደሚያስቡ እንወያያለን።

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How close is too close?

Look at the Session Vocabulary – make sure you know what these words and phrases mean:

  • touchy-feely
  • reserved
  • invade personal space


In which of these countries do people keep the biggest distance from strangers?

a) India
b) Korea
c) Kenya

Listen to the discussion and find out the answer.

Listen to find the answers. Then check them on the transcript below.

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ሃይ፥ ስለአንድ ጉዳይ ወደምንወያይበትና ስለጉዳዩ ለማውራት የሚያስፈልገውን ቋንቋ ወደምናቀርብበት የEnglish Together ዝግጅት እንኳን በደህና መጡ። ምህረት እባላለሁ። አብሮኝ/አብራኝ …… አለ/አለች።

Hi, I'm Sam.

And I'm Phil.  Welcome!

ዛሬ ስለግላዊነት እና ስለግል ስፍራችን እንዲሁም እሳቤው በተለያዩ አገራት እንዴት የተለያየ ሊሆን እንደሚችል እንወያያለን። ጥያቄ በማቅረብ እስኪ እንጀም- ከእነዚህ ሦስት አገራት መካከል በየትኛው ሰዎች ከማያውቋቸው እንግዳ ሰዎች ሰፊ ርቀትን ይፈጥራሉ?

ሀ) ሕንድ

ለ) ኮርያ

ሐ) ኬንያ

ምን ይመስልሃል ሳም?

Well, I don't know – but it does change from one country to another. I've lived in different countries and really noticed the difference – I'm really interested to find out the answer actually…

Well, I used to live in Argentina and people definitely get close to you there. 

መልካም፥ ስለአርጅቲና ነውና የምናወራው የቢቢሲ ዓለም አቀፍ አገልግሎት ባልደረባዋ ቫለሪያ ፔራሳ አርጀንቲና ውስጥ ስላለው ብቻ የመሆኛ የግል ስፍራ ስታወራ እናዳምጣት።

We are said to be very touchy-feely and I think that that shows in all our daily interactions. Foreigners are definitely uncomfortable, some at least, for example we do a lot of kissing and it goes to the extent that, for example, if you go into the surgery to see your GP or doctor that you are familiar with, and that knows you, you would probably reach out and kiss him or her, and that's completely normal.

So, what do you think about this አርጄንቲና እንደዚያ ነበረች?

Yes, absolutely, people are very touchy-feely – lots of hugging and people always kiss when they meet.

'Touchy-feely' ስሜትን አጉልቶ መግለፅን የሚወድድ ማለት ነው። people are very comfortable with physical contact.

OK, so how did you deal with it being so 'touchy-feely' – I'm not sure that you're that kind of person really Phil….

Yes, you don't seem the touchy-feely type

Guys, I'm not, I'm really not – every day was like an invasion of my personal space!

Invading someone's personal space, is when they think that you have 'invaded' መውረር their space – that sounds like quite a violent expression, doesn't it?

Isn't it just friendly though? It's not invading personal space to hug someone when you've just met is it? Otherwise people will think that you are too 'reserved', especially if you are somewhere where people are more touchy-feely.

Reserved - ቁጥብ but maybe B is just quite reserved.

I'm English. Of course I'm reserved. It's what we do…

Ok, but it's not just about what you are like… Obviously, we are all different and we do things in different ways…. But maybe we need to be able to adapt to other people.

What do you mean?

Well, I think you've just got to be 'tolerant' of other people – I mean you should respect that other people might do things differently and in different ways.

Yes, I think being tolerant, ቻይ፥ ታጋሽ፥ ሌሎችን ተቀባይ is really important, especially if you go to live in a different country.

Yes – living in different countries can really show you how important it is to be tolerant… like being tolerant of the way people treat personal space, for example.

ይህም ቀደም ሲል ለቀረበው ጥያቄ መልሱን ልሰጥዎት ይገባኛል ማለት ነው፤ ሰዎች ብቻን ለመሆኛ የግል ስፍራዎች ስላሏቸው ልዩ ልዩ አመለካከቶች የሚያወሳ ነበር ጥያቄው። ስለዚህም የጠየቅኳችሁ ከሦስቱ አገራት፥ ከሕንድ፥ ከኮርያ እና ከኬንያ ሕዝቦች መካከል የትኞቹ ከማያውቋቸው እንግዳ ሰዎች ራሳቸውን በብዛት ያርቃሉ? ብየ ነበር። መልሱ ኬንያ ሲሆን ሰዎች በአማካይ ከማያውቋቸው እንግዶች 110 ሳንቲሜትር ርቀው ይቆማሉ፤ ህንድ ውስጥ ይህ ርቀት 108 ሳንቲሜትር ሲሆን ኮርያውያን ደግሞ በ105 ሳንቲ ሜትር ይከተላሉ። ይህ መረጃ የተገኘው ከጆርናል ኦፍ ክሮስ ካልቸራል ሳይኮሎጅ ነው።

Maybe I'll try Kenya for my next trip…

Well, according to that study, all three countries give you more personal space than England – so they're perfect for someone who is reserved!

መልካም 'ሀ' የ 'ለ'ን ጉዞ በሚያቅደብት ወቅት እኛ በዛሬው ዕለት የተማርናቸውን ቃላት እንመልከት፤ ከግላዊነት እና ብቻን ከመሆኛ የግል ስፍራ ጋር በተገናኘ ሲያወሩ ሊጠቀሙባቸው ይችላሉ። touchy-feely ስሜትን አጉልቶ መግለፅን የሚወድ ማለት ሲሆን invade personal space ብቻ የመሆኛን ክፍተት መውረር፥ ክፍተት ማሳጣት ማለት ነው። reserved ቁጥብ ሲሆን tolerant ደግሞ ቻይ፥ ታጋሽ፥ ሌሎችን ተቀባይ እንደማለት ነው። አብራችሁን ስለነበራችሁ እናመሰግናለን፤ ለተጨማሪ የ English Together ዝግጅቶች በሚቀጥለው ሳምንት እንገናኝ።

Meaning & Use

touchy-feely (adjective)

Touchy-feely describes a person who feels comfortable making physical contact with other people. It can also be used to describe people who display their emotions openly.
She was very touchy-feely and always hugged the people she met.
His children were very touchy-feely and liked to jump on him when they were playing.
Everyone in the group was very touchy-feely and it made her uncomfortable.

invade personal space (verb)

If someone is in your personal space, it means that they are so close to you that you feel uncomfortable. If someone invades someone else's personal space, it means that they make that person uncomfortable by being too close.
I hate when she comes so close - it feels like she is invading my personal space.
When you meet new people, be careful not to invade their personal space.
If you invade someone's personal space, they might not want to help you.

reserved (adjective)

If someone is reserved, it means that they are quiet and do not strongly demonstrate their feelings.
You can't tell because he's so reserved, but I'm sure he's very happy at winning the competition.
In some cultures it is important to be reserved.
She's so reserved, it's hard to tell what she's feeling.

tolerant (adjective)

If someone is tolerant, they can accept things that they may not agree with.
I do things quite differently, but everyone has been really tolerant.
If you work with a lot of people, you have to be quite tolerant.
I had many arguments because the people around me were not very tolerant.


How close is too close?

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Over to you!

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Vocabulário desta lição

  • touchy-feely
    ስሜትን አጉልቶ መግለፅ የሚወድ

    invade personal space
    ብቻ የመሆኛን ክፍተት መውረር፥ ክፍተት ማሳጣት


    ቻይ፥ ታጋሽ፥ ሌሎችን ተቀባይ


    መሳም፥ ስሞሽ

    ማቀፍ፥ እቅፋት