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Lição 6

Has anyone in your Learning Circle ever used the post office? This time, Muna needs to send a package, but she doesn’t know which service to choose. We look at some useful phrases for posting things and asking about times and prices.

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Atividade 1

Post office – Part 1

Sending a package at the post office

Muna wants to post a package, but there are too many choices. With your group, discuss the questions and try the activity.

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Desk clerk
Hello. What can I do for you?

I'd like to send a package, please.

Desk clerk
Put it on the scales.


Desk clerk
Yep. Where do you want to send it?


Desk clerk
How do you want it sent? International? Tracked? Standard? Economy?

Err …

Discuss these questions with your group:

  • Has this ever happened to you? (When? Where? What happened?)
  • What would you do?

To do

Try this quiz to check you have understood what happened.

Post office: What's wrong?

3 Questions

Can your group answer these questions about the film?

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What happens next?

Can Muna choose the right delivery option for her package? Watch the next part of the story to find out.