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Lição 5

Has anyone in your Learning Circle ever had to find an address? This time, Muna invites Samina to her house, but she gets lost and can’t find her way. We look at some useful phrases for asking for and understanding directions.

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Address – Part 2

Who will help Samina?

Samina can't find Muna's house. With your group, watch how she finds the way.

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Excuse me. Can you help me? I'm lost.

Of course. Where do you want to go?

I'm looking for Leonard Street? How do I get there?

Leonard Street? Go past the post office. Cross the road. Then turn right.

Go past the post office, cross the road and then turn right?

Yes. Then you'll be on Leonard Street.

Thank you very much.

Discuss these questions with your group:

  • Have you ever been lost? (When? Where? What happened? What did you do?)
  • Have you ever asked someone for directions? (What did you say?)
  • Is it easy to find your way round in your area?
  • Are people helpful where you live?
  • Who helps you when you want to go somewhere?
  • Do people ever ask you for directions?

To do

Try the quiz to work out what Samina did.

Address: What did Samina do?

3 Questions

Can your group answer these questions about the film?

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