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Grammar, news, vocabulary and pronunciation

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    BBC Masterclass

    05 Sep 2016

    You'll be learning all about the future continuous with Dan in this episode of Masterclass 

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    News Review

    06 Sep 2016

    A report has found a major problem with our oceans. Join Sian and Catherine in News Review to find out about this story and the language you need to understand it. 

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    07 Sep 2016

    Get up-to-date with the latest news and understand it too with Lingohack. Listen to and watch authentic BBC World News bulletins and learn key words and phrases to help you make sense of the news.

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    Vocabulary: 10 uses of 'make'

    08 Sep 2016

    Sit back and enjoy the story of Frankenstein and learn ten different ways to use the word 'make'

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    Tim's Pronunciation Workshop

    09 Sep 2016

    What happens when a word or syllable ending in the sound /nd/ is followed by a word or syllable starting with a consonant sound? Tim explains...