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Fitness app Polar has been suspended after journalists were able to use it to track military personnel. 

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News Review

Fitness app suspended due to security concerns

The Finnish company behind Polar fitness apps has suspended its location tracking app after journalists were able to access sensitive information about military personnel. Dan and Catherine discuss the key language from this story.

Language challenge

If you do something unwittingly, you do it...

a) uniformly
b) unintentionally
c) unashamedly

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The story

The Finnish operator of the mobile fitness app Polar has suspended its location tracking application after journalists found it unwittingly revealed information on defence and intelligence personnel from dozens of countries.

Key words and phrases

allows a secret to be known

• Information leaks when people are careless with emails containing sensitive data. 
• The spy knew there was a leak somewhere on the miltary base - she just had to find it.

imperfection or fault

• The company's financial difficulty has resulted from a flaw in the payment system.
• Everybody has a character flaw or two! It's what makes life interesting!

without worrying about risk or consequence 

• He recklessly gambled his entire month's pay on a horse? Is he crazy?
• Despite being warned not to, the politician recklessly criticised public opinion.

To do

Try our quiz to see how well you've learned today's language.

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Language challenge - answer

b) unintentionally


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