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جلسه 3

Has anyone in your Learning Circle ever taken the wrong bus? This time, Samina takes a bus, but it is going the wrong way. We’ll look at some useful language for taking buses and trains, checking information and asking for advice.

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Catching the bus

Samina catches a bus, but is it the right one? With your group, watch the video, discuss the questions and then try the activity.

ویدیو را تماشا کنید و تمرین را کامل کنید

نشان دادن متن پنهان کردن متن

Excuse me. I want to go to Westhall. Which bus do I take?

Westhall? I think you take the number 9.

Thank you.

Sign and announcement
The next stop is Hanford.


Discuss these questions with your group:

  • What should she do?
  • What should she say in English?
  • Has this ever happened to you? (When? Where? What happened?)

To do

Try this quiz to check you have understood what happened.

Bus: What happened?

3 Questions

Can your group answer these questions about the film?

تبریک می گوییم
Excellent! آفرین! نمره شما Bad luck! :
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What happens next?

Will Samina find the right bus? Watch the next part of the story to find out.