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Welcome to English In A Minute. Give us a minute and we'll give you a hot tip about English. Grammar, vocabulary... there's so much to learn! And all taught by your favourite BBC Learning English staff!

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How to use the future continuous

Do you have a minute to spare to learn some English? Tom's going to tell you how to use the future continuous tense. Give us 60 seconds and we'll give you the English!

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Hi everyone. Tom here for BBC Learning English. Today, I'm going to show you how to use the future continuous.

We use the future continuous to describe actions in progress at a future point in time. For example: In the next scene, I will be wearing a jumper.

We make the future continuous using will + be and verb(ing).

Note that we can use any subject pronoun and the structure won't change.

For example, these are my hands. The subject pronoun is 'they'. In the next scene, they will be holding a melon.

So now you will be thinking about how to use the new grammar. Why not give it a try?

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