Session 4

Vocabulary: 13 uses of 'take'

Enjoy our version of Charles Dickens' classic novel David Copperfield - and learn 13 different ways to use the word 'take'

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    Activity 2

Activity 2

What happens next in the life of David?

What happens to David?

How do you think the story will end?

A) David has a successful marriage, but NOT a successful career
B) David has a successful career, but NOT a successful marriage
C) David has a successful career AND a successful marriage
D) Something else 

To do

Watch the video and find out which option is correct. And listen out for five more uses of take.

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Hello again, I'm Darren. It's time to continue Charles Dicken's well known story – David Copperfield. David's now 17 and has just left school. 

Agnes, David's friend warns him about his handsome friend Steerforth, David’s bad angel. She also tells him that Uriah Heep, her father’s clerk, has taken advantage of his position to become her father’s business partner. David takes up an apprenticeship with a law firm in London, where he meets and falls in love with Dora, the enchanting daughter of his employer. Dora’s father forbids marriage but lo and behold! He dies suddenly in an accident. David’s writing begins to take off and he marries Dora. They live quite happily despite her childishness and incompetent housekeeping.

Things take a turn for the worse – David learns that Emily has eloped with Steerforth. Aunt Betsy turns up financially ruined due to Uriah Heep’s scheming. Dora becomes very ill and Agnes helps David nurse her. Before she dies, Dora secretly tells Agnes something.

Meanwhile, Mr Micawber, who has been working for Uriah Heep, exposes him as a fraud. Emily is eventually tracked down and Mr Pegotty decides to start a new life with her in Australia. Back in Yarmouth, David witnesses a powerful storm. Ham tries heroically to save the owner of a boat crashing on rocks – Steerforth no less! Tragically, both men drown. David travels abroad to get over Dora’s death. Eventually he realises that he has loved Agnes all along. When dying, Dora has asked Agnes to take care of David. David and Agnes marry and he becomes a successful writer.

And that's the story. I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you next time for another one. Bye for now.

To do

So, the correct answer was C) David ends up with a successful career as a writer AND a successful marriage to Agnes.

Now lets practise the different uses of take. Have a go at this quiz.

What's the use of 'take'?

5 Questions

It's time for you to take this quiz. Choose the best expression with take to fill each gap.

Baga gammadde! Qormaata xumurteetta
Excellent! Great job! Carraa badaa! Qabxii argatte:
x / y

Over to you

How was that? Now it's time for you to tell us a story! It can be a true story or an imagined one - but it must be your own original work. Try to use as many of the phrases with take as possible:

  • takes 
  • take someone into (your) care
  • take the opportunity 
  • take (someone or something) off to 
  • take refuge 
  • take pity on 
  • take an instant dislike to
  • be taken with 
  • take advantage of 
  • take up 
  • take off 
  • take a turn for the worse 
  • take care of 

Email your story to us at Make sure you write 'take story' in the subject line and in your email too. Unfortunately, we can't give individual feedback, but we do read every email, and we’ll publish our favourites here or on our social media sites.

Your stories

Taras, Ukraine

My story is about a modern football so as I like very much the kind of sport. Especially I would like to talk about European championships. For none is a secret that there are the best teams in Europe. Therefore European football clubs are taking advantage of their opportunity and reaching a higher level play. Barcelona, Real, ManUnited, Liverpool and so on are legendary clubs. They have won Champions league many times. But there are many of others like ManCity, Tottenham which have only taken off. Unfortunately for some clubs because of economical crisis things are taking a turn for the worse and they eventually even cease to exists. Some else are forced to take refuge in other town or city because may not play in their home town for some reason. But let's hope for those which are in bad condition the situation will get better.



After the princess 'Drawn' was the sleeping beauty, the cruel witch took her to top of the castle with tightly locking up. All kingdom has been under the curse.

100 years were gone, prince 'Jason' has assigned to take ex-Prince 'Baro' into care. Baro is the son of ex-King. Baro seems like to take refuge with Jason. Unfortunately, Jason doesn't take pity on Baro, but he takes an instant dislike to him. One day, Baro find the letter in the nest about the sleeping beauty curse. After Jason knew about that curse, he want to take the opportunity from curse elimination to possess Drawn's kingdom. So, Jason orders Baro to take him and followers off to Drawn's castle. They take up a journey to the castle. Finally, all of them arrive the castle, but the things take a turn for the worse. They are attacked by the curse and the witch's magic. Some of them dead. Jason is arrested by the witch. He takes advantage of his appearance become the witch's hasband, while Baro insists to rescue Drawn sincerely. The witch let Jason get into Drawn's room and kill her. After he met her, he is taken with her. So, he doesn't kill her, but kiss her instead. Drawn doesn't wake up. The witch is very angry and kill Jason. While situation is very chaotic, Baro rescues the princess and kiss her. This kiss can destroy the curse. The kingdom becomes lively again. Baro takes care of Drawn and takes off as King.


Yana, Ukraine

Benji, a ten-years Australian Cattle Dog, had lived with me for 5 years. I took him from Dog shelter. His previous family had to move in another country. And things took a turn for the worse for Benji.

The family was taken with Benji and wants that he has a good life. So they took Benji off to a house of their friends. Almost all in the new family loved Benji and took him into their care,  except Melani, very old women. She took an instant dislike to Benji. Melany treated him badly and took advantage of every situation when Benji had made mistake. When one day Benji had bitten Melany after her cruel treatment, she takes the opportunity to send him to a Dog shelter.

When I saw Benji first time, I right away took pity on him. But at that moment I had taken up a new job and didn't have an opportunity to take away Benji. Then when my career took off,  Benji took refuge in my apartment.

I like to take care forhim and we live happily together. 

BBC Learning English says:

A great story and good uses of the word ‘take’.


Adriana Reis, Brazil

On Sarah's 40th birthday, her mind took her BACK to a long time a go, and reminded her OF when she was 10 and had a dream to be a vet. Though her family was poor, they took 10 dogs, 8 cats and 2 Parrots into their care. To help her family, young Sarah took up a summer course to find out how to take care of animals. Sarah's mother saw her so excited about this, that SHE took the opportunity to open a Animal Shelter. In no time, the Shelter took off. All the community ​took pity on ​animals and started to make donations. As time WENT by, more animal TOOK refuge ​AT this place, then they took the animals off to a bigger site. Today Sarah is a great Vet stood for a child dream.

BBC Learning English says:

Thanks for this. Some good examples of ‘take’ but watch your tenses (Eg: took and take)



That's the end of Session 4. In session 5, Tim's in the pronunciation workshop. Don't miss it!

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Session Vocabulary

  • takes (A1)
    brings a person or thing from one place to another

    taken someone into (your) care (C1)
    agreed to look after someone and be responsible for them

    takes the opportunity (B2)
    uses the situation to do something he wants to do

    take (someone) off to (C1)
    move (someone) from one place to another

    take refuge (C2)
    find shelter (from danger or unhappiness)

    takes pity on (B2)
    feels sympathy for

    takes an instant dislike to(B2)
    immediately feels hostility towards something or someone

    seems/is taken with (C1) 
    is attracted to

    taken advantage of (C2)
    used a situation to get what you want (often by deceit)

    takes up (B2)
    begins a hobby, job or activity

    take off (B2)
    start to become successful

    take a turn for the worse (C1)
    start to go wrong

    take care of (B1)
    look after