Session 42

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have met in Singapore to discuss reducing nuclear weapons. It's the first time a sitting US president and the leader of North Korea have met.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

News Review

Trump and Kim in historic meeting

US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have met in Singapore.

It's the first time a meeting between the leaders of the two countries has ever taken place.

An agreement on nuclear weapons was signed.

Language challenge

If something is irreversible, it…

a) can't move backwards
b) can't return to its previous state
c) can't be seen again

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The story

President Trump and Kim Jong-un have signed a joint agreement after their unprecedented talks in Singapore.
Mr Trump said he was "very proud of what had been achieved."

Mr Kim said "the world will see a major change."

Copies of the document are about to be distributed to the press.

The United States has been insisting on complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation of North Korea.

Key words and phrases

strong, powerful, in charge

  • There are many alpha personalities in the world of politics.
  • Jorge's a bit of an alpha male, so he tends to think his idea is always the best one.

final, decisive fight or argument

  • As the first whistle blows, the showdown between these teams begins.
  • Kee and I had a bit of a showdown in the park. He won, so that settles that!

double-edged sword
situation with advantages and disadvantages

  • This new job is a double-edged sword. I earn more, but I'm working longer hours.
  • Living in the countryside is a double-edged sword. It's quieter, but very remote.

To do

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News Review quiz

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Now you've watched the video, try to answer these questions about the language in the news.

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Language challenge - answer

b) can't return to its previous state


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