Unit 21: Fakes and phrasals
Phrasal verbs and misspelt words

  • Xumurame

    Session 1

    3 Activities

    Commonly misspelled words

    21 Sep 2015

    Do you find English spelling difficult? Don't worry, you're not alone! Many native speakers also have problems too. In this session there are some hints and tests to help you improve and feel more confident.

  • Xumurame

    Session 2

    3 Activities

    Multi-word verbs / Phrasal verbs type 1, 2, 3 & 4

    22 Sep 2015

    Phrasal verbs are an important feature of natural English. There are different types with different grammar. Find out about them in this session and test what you've picked up. Then listen out for Dave's sad holiday story in 6 Minute Grammar.

  • Xumurame

    Session 3

    2 Activities

    Fake art

    23 Sep 2015

    Read the story of a family who fooled the art market - and made a fortune. Learn some phrasal verbs and do some exercises to check how well you understood the story.

  • Xumurame

    Session 4

    1 Activity

    Help! I need a phrasal verb

    24 Sep 2015

    Meet a Roman centurion who's travelled to modern-day London and needs some help with his phrasal verbs. Can you help him find the right words to say to make his spoken English sound more natural?

  • Xumurame

    Session 5

    1 Activity

    New drama

    25 Sep 2015

    Join us for our new, classic drama: Gulliver's Travels. In part one, our hero Gulliver is attacked by tiny people on the strange island of Lilliput. Can he escape them?