Session 3

We meet Agent Rob and his colleagues as they make a plan to stop Dr XYZ from taking over the world. And we practise reported speech!

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Agent Rob's secret report

How to stop Dr XYZ?

In this session we're going to do an activity to help you practise reported speech.

It's time to meet the daring Agent Rob. His mission is to stop the evil Dr XYZ from controlling the whole world. We join him as he meets colleagues Catherine and Finn to discuss how to stop Dr XYZ.

To do

First, listen to their conversation. What is Dr XYZ's secret plan?

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Hi, Agent Rob here… they call me The Man with the Golden Grammar. My mission: to stop the evil Dr XYZ from taking over the world… My special agents Catherine and Agent Finn have been investigating.

Agent Catherine – where is he?

We've found his secret headquarters. Dr XYZ lives on Zonk Island. It's 600 miles west of Chile, and it's on no maps. It's invisible to radar and satellite cameras.

Hmm. Agent Finn – what have you heard about his plan?

Yeah, Dr XYZ has developed software that will infect the whole internet and translate everything into his own language, Zonkian. Communication around the world will stop. Governments will fail. The world economy will be chaos.

Hmm. But why?

He plans to sell textbooks teaching Zonkian. Everyone in the world will need to learn his new language. He will sell millions of textbooks - and he'll become the richest man in the world.

Wow. What does it sound like, this Zonkian?

Uhh, I don't know.

What can we do?

We need to stop him before it's too late.

I can go. I can go and find him and…

No, no. We need to send you to Zonk Island, Agent Rob. You could learn Zonkian and understand his plans. You're… The Man with the Golden Grammar.

Well, thank you, I know I'm the best. Let me report this to our boss… And tomorrow, I'll save the world.

Listening question

Did you hear what the evil plan was? It was: to translate everything on the internet into a new language called Zonkian and force everyone buy his textbooks so they could understand it!

To do

Before he can save the world, Rob has to persuade his boss that he's the man for the job. Listen to their conversation again. After this, help Rob write a report to his boss based on what they said in the meeting, using reported speech.

Agent Rob's report

6 Questions

Agent Rob has written to his boss, using reported speech. Can you help correct his report before he sends it? In each question, you have to decide if what Rob wrote is OK or if it needs to be changed.

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End of Session 3

That's it for this session. So, can Agent Rob save the world? If he can't, we will have to change this site to BBC Learning Zonkian! See you next time as we...

Caasluga kutaa kanaa

  • Reported speech

    "I know you."
    She said she knew him.

    "I am having coffee"
    He said he was having coffee.

    "I have finished my homework"
    He said he had finished his homework.

    "I have been studying Chinese"
    She said she had been studying Chinese.

    "I am going to go home"
    She said she was going to go home.

    "I will go to the bank later"
    He said he would go to the bank later.

    "I can/can't speak Turkish"
    She said she could/couldn't speak Turkish.

    "I love you" = general truth
    She told me she loves me.

Session Vocabulary

  • daring
    brave and willing to take risks

    someone who works secretly for a government

    important task

    very bad

    taking over

    main offices of an organisation or company

    cannot be seen

    a system that uses radio waves to see objects

    (here) pass harmful computer programme from one machine to another

    state of complete confusion