Vocabulary Reference

Vocabulary Reference

Session 2 - News Review

(here) to create a digital profile

team up
to get together with other people or organisations to achieve something

make a serious promise

Session 3 - Lingohack

in labour
in the last stage of pregnancy when the baby is pushed out

keeping up
progressing at the same rate as something else

up close
very near something

Session 4 - Huckleberry Finn - 9 uses of the word 'come'

come into (C2)
received or found (something)

coming across (C1)
behaving like

comes (A1)

comes up with (B2)
thinks of (something)

come with (A1)

come to the rescue (C2)

yet to come (B2)
going to happen

comes to light (C2)
is revealed

come naturally (C1)
happens easily