Vocabulary Reference

Session 2 - News Review

sweltering; sizzling; scorching
very, very hot

on course; on track; on pace
happening in the way we expect, based on what has happened until now

make tracks
leave a place (often quickly)

lose track
stop being aware of what someone is doing or what is happening

go off the beaten track
travel to places where not many people go

Session 3 - Lingohack

evade tax
not pay money you owe the government by law 

extremely small quantities

finding a reason, explanation or answer to a question or problem

Session 4 - Moby Dick: 9 uses of the word 'see'

see (B2)
find out; assess the possibility of

see (A1)
notice with their own eyes

you see (C1)
let me explain

see how (C2)
believe (something is possible)

wait and see (C1)
wait until later to find out what will happen

see sense (C2)
realise he is wrong

sees red (C2)
gets angry

see (B1)

see eye to eye (C2)
agree with each other